Vlad And Niki Net Worth: How Rich Are these Child YouTubers?

NamesVladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov
Date of BirthVlad- 26 February 2013, Niki- 4 June 2015
HeightVlad- 4 feet, Niki- 3.5 feet
Based InMiami, Florida, United States
ParentsSergey Vashketov & Victoria Vashketov
ProfessionYouTube Content Creator
EducationAttending primary school
Net Worth$130 million

Vlad and Niki are two kid brothers who shot to fame with their YouTube channels and have amassed massive viewership among the young and adult population. 

The child brothers, Vlad, 10, and Niki, 8, were born to Russian-American parents Sergey and Victoria Vashketov in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

These kid schoolboys turned YouTube stars have become household names, especially among families with children and have become one of the most-watched YouTubers among kids, with over 110 million subscribers according to youtubers.me. 

This unprecedented popularity has propelled them to great financial success. The internet is buzzing of what are Vlad and Niki’s net worth.    

If you want to know Vlad and Niki’s YouTube exploits and their back story, continue reading.

Fun Facts:

  • Besides having many subscribers and a large viewer base on YouTube, the Kid Brothers have amassed a huge following on Facebook with over 55k followers
  • The brothers also featured in a TV series with their parents, Sergey amd Victoria, called “Vlad & Niki”. 
  • They have also launched a mobile game and book series called “Vlad & Niki Run” and “Superheroes”. 

They are among the richest YouTubers in their age group, with an estimated net worth of 90 million.

Who Are Vlad And Niki?


Vlad and Niki’s full names are Vladislov and Nikita Vashketov, who hail from a Russian-American family.

Although the siblings were born in Russia, they moved to the US after their unprecedented success and are currently based in Florida, Miami, US. 

Their parents, Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, started recording videos of the toddlers’ activities and sharing them on social media. 

Soon enough, their videos were gaining popularity, which led the parents to create a YouTube channel named “Vlad and Niki” in 2018. 

Initially, the channel was managed by Sergey and Victoria, as the brothers were only 3 and 1 years old at the time. 

The videos featured the kid brothers Vlad and Niki playing with toys and doing other daily activities like drawing, learning, etc., with cameo appearances of the parents and their youngest brother, Christian Sergey Vashketov, at times. 

So, although the parents ran the channels, the stars of the show were Vlad and Niki. 

However, it must be noted that their parents recognized the kids’ talents early on and made efforts to showcase them to the world by producing high-quality content on YouTube.

And so Vlad and Niki’s YouTube journey began as content creators. Their creativity and skill to keep the audiences interested and glued to their content is extraordinary. 

Currently, the siblings have 21 channels in 21 different languages, and they are becoming more skilled and creative with every passing day. 

The siblings have distinct skill sets and areas of interest. While Vlad, 10, is slowly becoming an expert in kickboxing and soccer. He is also an exceptional dancer and is seen grooving to his favorite band number on their YouTube channel. Moreover, Vlad is fluent in both Russian and English. 

Meanwhile, the younger sibling, Niki, 8, is a talented singer and painter and is mostly involved in creative activities.  

Their parents created their first YouTube channel in 2018, and ever since then, they have 100 million subscribers who regularly watch their content on YouTube, which has made them one of the biggest YouTubers in the US. 

All of this has led the child brothers to accumulate a net worth of around $88 million.  

YouTube Journey

Vlad and Niki’s first YouTube channel was created by their parents in 2018, named “Vladik Toys” at the time. 

They started their content with toy unboxing videos featuring little Vlad alongside mommy Victoria.

Slowly, their content transitioned from unboxing videos to videos that showed the kid brothers playing with toys they had unboxed.    

In addition, they extensively traveled the world, sharing unique stories about the different places they visited with their audiences. 

One interesting aspect of their YouTube content is that they do not restrict themselves to any particular niche or segment. 

The duo is seen playing with different toys in their YouTube videos and is famous for their daily fun activities. 

The viewers of their content love seeing the kid duo play with toys, colored blocks, etc. 

This type of content is well-received by their audiences, who are mostly kids. This helped Vlad and Niki rack up subscribers and viewer numbers on their channels.  

The child brother primarily has two YouTube channels- “Vlad and Niki” & “Vlad and Niki Toys”.

The YouTube channel “Vlad and Niki” focuses on the brothers’ various activities, such as playing with toys, exploring new ideas, and traveling to new places. 

This channel has a whooping subscriber base of over 82 million, and its videos have over 67 billion views.

The channel’s performance has made it one of the most-watched YouTube channels globally. 

The other YouTube channel, Vlad and Niki Toys, focuses on toy reviews. The brothers review various toys on this channel, which has 12 million subscribers and over 7.2 billion views.   

The impetuous performance of Vlad and Niki’s YouTube content is astonishing and owes to their ability to engage their audiences. They consistently innovate with new ideas to keep their content fresh and exciting. 

In addition to producing high-quality videos on YouTube, the duo has collaborated with other famous YouTubers, such as Diana and Roma or Ryan’s World. 

YouTube collabs are a great way to expand the reach and introduce all collaborating parties to newer audiences. 

Vlad and Niki consistently upload new videos on their YouTube channel, keeping audiences engaged and waiting for their upcoming videos.

Apart from this, they signed a contract with Haven Global, a licensing agency, which shows they are serious about their YouTube and other business endeavors.  

Moreover, they have also signed a contract with Hong Kong-based toy company Playmates Toys.

Overall, Vlad and Niki’s main YouTube channel has 380 videos, each with billions of views. 

All in all, the success of their YouTube channel has helped them build a brand. 

Their engaging content, collabs and consistency have contributed to their immense popularity, viewership and subscriber base (more than 100 million) and financial success.

Vlad And Niki Net Worth

Vlad and Niki’s net worth is around $90 million, and as of 2024, they had 110 million YouTube subscribers.

The amount is still astounding, considering the ages of these kids, 10 and 8, respectively, and both have a long way to go. 

However, it should be noted that their YouTube subscriber and viewer base is one of many sources of their income. 

Vlad and Niki’s various income avenues, such as contracts and sponsorships, have propelled them to a staggering net worth. 

Their contracts with Haven Global, Krispy Kreme, Legendary Whitetails, M&M’s Mars, etc, contribute a huge chunk to their income. 

Besides this, brand promotions and YouTube viewership are another source of income. 

In fact, according to data, they have earned over 40 million just from brand promotions and YouTube.    

Now that we know Vlad and Niki’s net worth, let’s analyze their different sources of income.

Sources Of Vlad And Niki’s Income

Vlad and Niki’s main sources of income are YouTube ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and licensing agreements.

Let’s understand them in detail. 

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are Vlad and Niki’s primary source of income. The billions of views on their YouTube videos generate significant ad revenue, a great income stream for them. 

Vlad and Niki run banner ads and pre- and mid-roll ads on their video. 

These ads monetize their videos and boost their income.  

Given Vlad and Niki’s reach and engaging content, advertisers are keen on ads on their channels to leverage their reach and engagement.  


Sponsorships are yet another source of Vlad and Niki’s Income. 

Owing to their massive subscriber base and viewership, brands are eager to promote their products and services on their channels. 

Due to this, they frequently collaborate with brands and promote them through their YouTube videos. 

Sponsorships are a steady source of income for the brothers. 

However, these sponsorship deals come with their challenges. 

For instance, sponsored content is not always credible for viewers, thus adversely impacting audiences’ trust in that creator. 

Moreover, promoting products and services to young and impressionable audiences can be unethical, for they may need additional clarification regarding the nature of sponsorship, which they do not have. 

Despite these limitations, Vlad and Niki successfully managed sponsorships and brand deals and made a fortune out of them while being authentic and credible to their young viewers.      

Merchandise Sales

Another significant source of Vlad and Niki’s income is merchandise sales. 

They have an online store that offers various products, from clothes to accessories to toys.

The merchandise is designed to attract kids or young audiences.  

The immense popularity of their YouTube channels has boosted their merch sales and made their offering desirable. Vlad and Niki’s audiences (both parents and kids) show a great interest in their merchandise.

Another reason behind their merchandise’s success is their efforts to release new products regularly.

The duo does not stop at introducing new products; they also collaborate with their parents in designing the products to ensure they align with their child-friendly brand. They also collaborate with influencers and brands to develop new and limited-edition merch. 

All of this contributes to the phenomenal sales of Vlad and Niki’s merchandise and generates revenue for them. 

Their massive success with merchandise has also helped them build their own brand.


To conclude, these 10- and 8-year-old kids, Vlad and Niki, have made a fortune and left a mark in content creation. 

With some help and effort from their parents in the initial stage, they have grown as content creators and become more creative every passing day.

So much so that the brothers work with a team of creators who help them shoot videos, edit them, arrange sets for videos and regularly upload videos on their YouTube channels. 

In this blog, we explored what is Vlad and Niki’s net worth and their YouTube journey.

We hope the blog will satisfy your curiosity regarding Vlad and Niki’s net worth and, most importantly, help you understand the journey of a famous YouTuber and learn from it, especially if you want to be the next big YouTuber and amass a fortune as such of these brothers. 

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