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How to Start a Successful Business with $100 or Less

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Have you been thinking of venturing into your own successful business? If that’s the case, what’s stopping you? If your main concern is not having the funds to get started, then you must continue reading this article. We will cover ten businesses that have start-up costs of $100 or less.

Starting a business can be one of the first steps you take to majorly improving your financial situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate, a stay at home parent, or currently retired. Starting your own side business can bring in extra cash while helping you achieve your financial goals. Many people think to start a successful business consists of hefty expenses like equipment, inventory, and advertising. Depending and your interests, this is not always the case.

Throughout the years, most of us have done odd jobs to pay the bills a time or two. It may not always be easy, but there are ways that you can put your knowledge and creativity to work. There are countless options for making extra money on the side. You just have to come up with a plan and implement it. You may be thinking this sounds too easy, but after you read over the following list you’ll be convinced.

Ten Successful Business Ideas :

Freelancing :

You can be a virtual assistant, chat operator, writer, web developer, or just about anything else you can do with a computer and internet connection. Freelancing can be a lucrative career that pretty much requires only your skills and talent. There are numerous freelance platforms on the web which post available gigs, getting started should be no problem.

Direct Sales :

Becoming an individual sales representative for companies like Beach body, Avon, It Works!, Mary Kay and Pampered Chef is quite simple. Generally, all they require is for you to sign up and spread the word about their products. For most of these companies, starter kits are around $100, some significantly less. Kits contain everything you need to start your new business.

Pet Sitting :

You may be surprised to learn petting sitting can provide a substantial flow of supplemental income. A standard half-hour visit typically earns around $20. Some sitters charge upwards of $100 for overnight stays. Friends and neighbors are a great place to start looking for clients. You may consider hanging flyers at your local shelter or veterinary office. Also, think about joining organizations such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Tutoring :

Tutoring is another successful business you can easily start at under $100. Online sites make it easy to advertise your services to potential clients from around the world. You can find your own clients, or sign up with sites like if you plan on teaching academic subjects. Helping others learn the English language is in high demand these days. Regardless of what skill you offer, somebody out there is looking to learn. You just have to advertise your services to the right people.

Selling on eBay :

Just about anyone can sell items eBay.Many people start out by selling things they have just laying around and no longer need. They will then take the proceeds from those first sales to invest in more products. Garage sales and thrift shops are perfect for finding items you can sell and make a profit. There have been quite a few reports of self-made millionaires that started out small on eBay.

Blogging or Vlogging :

Blogging is hot right now. Starting your own blog can be done for cheap. The only thing you need is affordable web hosting, a great design and the ability to put your thoughts into words. There are a few ways you can capitalize off a blog. You can post affiliate links, guest blogging, sell ad space to others, or by having a subscription service.

You can find built-in cameras on all smartphones, laptops, and tablets these days. This makes it possible for anyone to record videos and upload them to popular sites like YouTube. The site has over a million viewers at any given time throughout the day, so the audience is there. If you have specific knowledge that you would like to share or are good in front of the camera, then you should consider creating your own channel. People make their profits from a vlog through ads.

Drop Shipping :

Many struggling entrepreneurs find drop shipping appealing because there are no outrageous startup costs or high dollar investments in inventory. You simply sell products online and collect payments from buyers, you then send the supplier payment and they do all the shipping. Most will even let you use your own personal logo if you wish. You can find a plethora of drop-ship product suppliers online. You can do this from a website or use sites like eBay and Amazon. Always do your homework to be sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

Social Media Management :

Companies are always looking for help managing their social media accounts. Social media presence is imperative to businesses in this day and age. Tweeting on Twitter and posting to Facebook are necessary tasks to attract more attention to their company and promote their brand. If you are a social media pro this could be just the avenue to pursue! You can start out by contacting everyone you know to see if they need your services. Once you build up your portfolio, business should be booming in no time. Best of all – zero startup costs!

Grocery Delivery :

This idea has really taken off in the past couple of years. Some major grocery chains have begun to offer delivery services, but many still do not. For those living in small towns, and especially rural areas, there’s good a chance that this is unheard of. The idea is very simple, you charge customers to go to the store and do their shopping and then deliver the items to their home. The busier our lives get, the more these services will be in demand.

Business Consulting :

If you can share specific experience and knowledge, such as employee incentives, legal advice or helping companies transition to green options, then consulting could be your niche. Your main startup costs will be advertising to get your business off the ground. Your first two investments should be a website and business cards.

As you can see, starting a successful business does not have to cost a fortune. There are thousands of success stories on the web about very successful people creating their successful business from virtually nothing.

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