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Start a Business with No Money: 6 Innovative Startup Ideas

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Great news! You don’t have to be rich to start your own online business these days. This is a common misconception that deters many great entrepreneurs from starting out on a new business venture. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to wait too long to release their product due to what they feel is a lack of funds. While they are busy trying to raise capital, someone else has the same great idea and ends up beating them to the punch. It can make things a little more tricky when you are strapped for cash, but it is still doable. With a little creativity and utilization of the tips listed below, you can be well on your way to start a business with no money.

Be original: Start Business with no Money

What problem are you trying to solve? Do your due diligence and set out to offer something new and fresh. Don’t be afraid to be a trailblazer. You want to familiarize yourself with your chosen market and understand where the demand is.
You don’t want to offer something in an oversaturated market. At the same time, you don’t want to offer something so rare that it will only appeal to a select few. Find a happy medium and then learn everything you can about the niche. Try to find out what the market is missing and address those needs.

The first step will be deciding what you will call your business. A short and precise, catchy name generally works best. Then, you will want to create an appealing logo that will grab people’s attention. If you have graphic design experience you will be able to do this yourself and save the limited funds you have for other costs.

Once all this has been established, sit down and make an outline from start to finish covering how you want your user experience to be. Their perspective is most important. Now it’s time to put your plan into action!

Utilize what resources you currently have available

Be creative. In this day and age, it is possible to start a business with no money. Take the time to research ways you can reduce the costs of operation. In the beginning, you may be forced to start out small- and that’s okay.

The more tech-savvy you are, the better it will be for you. As mentioned previously, graphic design, along with other computer skills will save you a lot of money when it comes to design for your website. There are plenty of build-it-yourself platforms out there. A good platform will give you good leverage and have you well on your way.

For the things, you must hire out, hiring a freelancer may be the most cost-effective solution. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Zirtual offer a large pool of talent available for a fraction of the cost you would normally pay. You must know some handful resources that should use as a startup.

Use social media to your advantage

Virtually everyone on every part of the planet has access to some sort of social media platform. This is the number one way to build your following without spending a dime. Facebook currently has somewhere around 2 billion users per month. Instagram now has more than 500 million. That is mind-boggling! Those are only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s not forget the great ones like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Start out by adding all of your friends and family, then grow your followers from there.

Familiarize yourself with the strategies that work best for each platform and use that as leverage. Things like a strong profile, quality content, using appropriate hashtags and joining groups will make a world of difference in gaining followers. So what are you thinking about! get your business started on social media today.

Be consistent

From the second your site goes live you must be available to potential customers and clients. Your online presence is going to be a major factor in your success or failure.

You must set up a system for how your normal businesses processes will run.

Many people choose to hire someone to handle the repetitive day-to-day operations, but this is not an option for those starting out on a limited budget. Thus, you must learn to manage your time wisely. Set a schedule, be disciplined and stick to it.

Reach out to others

Mistakenly, many people see business only as a competition. While we all want to be successful, there are steps that should be taken on the way to the top. Local groups and associations in your target niche are the perfect way to gain invaluable knowledge. Collaborating with more seasoned business owners will give you an inside look at how an organization is successfully run.

It’s okay to make mistakes

Do not fear failure. You must be willing to take a few risks. Many times, new business owners become defeated and throw in the towel the first time something goes wrong. Things are going to happen, that’s just the nature of the beast. The most important thing is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them. If you are going to be a successful business owner you must be willing to invest blood, sweat, and tears. Literally.

There are some common mistakes startups make that you will want to avoid. Spending too much, getting buried in debt, scaling too fast and not allowing enough time for growth can all be detrimental to a startup business.


Just because you are strapped for cash doesn’t mean you don’t have options when it comes to starting an online business. If you have the right combination of determination, marketing skills, and work ethic it is possible to have a flourishing operation with very little upfront monetary investment. Implementing the above tips will prove to be very beneficial. Do not let a lack of capital sideline your dreams.

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Written byEthan Perkins