Spergo Net Worth And Backstory

We live in an era of young, dynamic CEOs and founders running most multi-billion dollar businesses.

This paradigm shift from the preceding decades can be attributed to young enthusiasm, creativity, risk-taking ability, and the conviction to go against the flow, defy all odds and negativity around them, and create something unique and awe-inspiring.

One such talented and young Founder/CEO/Entrepreneur is Trey Brown.

Trey Brown is the Founder and CEO of Spergo, a luxury streetwear lifestyle clothing brand that he officially launched at 12 in 2018.

In this blog, you’ll learn the projected net worth of Spergo by 2024.

You’ll also learn the inspiring back story of Spergo and Trey Brown.

What Is The Meaning Behind The SPERGO Name?

Trey coined the brand name “Spergo” by combining the words “Sports” and “Heroes” and adding a “GO” at the end to signify the brand is for the go-getters.

Since 2018, Spergo has been thriving and growing, amassing millions in revenue.

Naturally, we arrive at the question of Spergo’s net worth, especially after its success on Shark Tank.

The Back Story of Trey Brown

Trey grew weary and conscious of the violence and crime around him in his community while growing up in a shady neighborhood in Philadelphia,

He consciously avoided trouble and wanted to motivate others to refrain from crime and violence to make money.

Trey saved up the $178 he got for his 12th birthday and invested it to buy 16 shirts, intending to sell them to his friends and family.

His inventory was sold out in a single day, prompting him to reinvest his profit to continue the cycle.

This instant success led him to launch Spergo in 2018. His mother, Sherell Peterson, was by his side throughout this journey.


Spergo is a luxury sports apparel brand inspired by street culture and trends.

The clothing line includes t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, accessories and footwear.

By the end of 2018, Spergo had made $40000, thanks to the business acumen of young Trey.

This is when his mother left her job and joined him as COO to assist him in expanding the business.

Throughout this time, Trey worked tirelessly, so much so that he ended up in a hospital in 2020 due to stress and exhaustion.

Quickly after recovery, Trey contacted P. Diddy for his valuable advice and mentorship.

The rapper recognized the youngster’s talent and invested $25000 in his company.

With that money, Spergo opened its first physical outlet and earned $ 745,000 in 2020.

Shark Tank Appearance

Spergo was booming, but the mother-son duo was finding it increasingly difficult to manage everything by themselves.

To expand the business, they decided to add a new workforce to their team. However, this also meant they needed additional funds.

This was when they entered Shark Tank Season 13 to raise capital for recruiting designers and others for business operations in 2021. Their asking investment was $300000 for 10% of equity. 

All the Sharks on the show were moved by the story of Spergo and how it all began.

Moreover, they were also impressed with the quality of the products the company sold.

However, only Daymond John, founder of FUBU, was most interested. Both Daymond and Trey share a similar sort of backstory, and most importantly, both their mothers played a vital role in their success. 

As a result, Shark Daymond John proposed paying $300000 for 25% of the company, which Trey renegotiated to 20% for $300000. Both parties agreed on the deal and shook hands. 

After the show was aired, Spergo saw a 2000% spike in online sales. The publicity from the show also led to Trey’s appearance on Ellen and Fox Business.

Moreover, the young CEO also got a lot of support from the NBA community, especially from the Philadelphia 76ers, and gave the company a donation of $200000. The donation was then used to expand their product line, sold on spergo.com and their physical outlets.

Trey Brown Spergo Net Worth

Spergo Net Worth

Spergo has made $2.5 million in revenue in 2021 with a 15% profit margin.

Spergo’s net worth was $2 million as of 2023, and it is projected to be 10 million by the end of 2024.

This unprecedented success must be attributed to the hard work of young Trey and his mother, Sherell, and their high-quality products.  

However, other factors contribute to SPERGO’s success and growth, like crucial brand endorsements and collaborations, expansion into new markets, and expansion of their product line.

Endorsements and collaborations with high-profile influencers and celebrities like Meek Mills, Tierra Whacks, Da Baby, Eric Thomas, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Grant Hills, and Ed Mylett, among others, have boosted the popularity of its products and consequently increased sales. 

Spergo has been brave to venture into new unexplored markets domestically and internationally.

This expansion into new markets will increase its overall sales and boost the net worth of the brand.

Moreover, the brand always experiments and introduces new products to its lineup, like footwear, which was not part of its original product line but was introduced later.

This has brought new customers to the brand, increasing overall sales and average purchase value.


Where is Spergo Located?

Spergo is based in Philadelphia, PA.

Who Is The CEO of SPERGO?

Trey Brown is the CEO of SPERGO.

What Are the Different Products in Spergo Lineup?

The different Spergo products are t-shirts, hoodies, caps, socks, headbands, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and footwear.

How Long do Spergo Products Last?

Spergo offers high-quality, customer-centric products that last long, depending on usage. On average Spergo products can last up to 1 to 2 years.

Does Spergo Have Online Stores?

Spergo has an online store that you can access from their official website.

What is SPERGO’s Official Website?

The official website of Spergo is spergo.com.

Can I Order Online From SPERGO?

You can order from SPERGO’s online store using credit cards and get it delivered to your doorstep.

What Is The Shipping time for Spergo products?

The shipping time for Spergo products is one to three business days in the continental US.

What is the Shipping Cost of Spergo Products?

The shipping cost of Spergo products can vary between $10 and $50 depending on the shipping location and the product purchased.

Can I Return Spergo Products?

You can return any product that you have purchased from SPERGO. However, you must return the products within 10 days of delivery for a full refund. Custom-made, worn and damaged products are ineligible for a return.

Where Is Spergo Products Made?

All Spergo products are made in the USA.


To summarize, the fashion industry is highly competitive and is influenced by popular trends, and so far.

Spergo has survived and thrived in this highly competitive environment.

They have also stayed ahead of market trends and offer customer-centric products.

There is no reason their growth should be stunted unless economic instability and consumers’ spending ability are reduced.

Other than that, we see no reason they can’t reach the projected 10 million net worth by the end of 2024, and Trey should be a billionaire by his 21st birthday. All the best, Trey and SPERGO.

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