How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence? Let’s Get Social!

One of the most valuable benefits of using social media for business is market insight. There’s no better way to know and understand the needs of your customers than direct communication. With strategic planning and careful implementation of a social media marketing strategy for the business, companies can monitor consumer activities and make a killer social media presence.

Having a strong social media presence has many other benefits. Let see the benefits of using social media for business that can help you grow fast.

Make smart marketing decisions

Most SMEs join social media platforms and start pushing their content through paid advertising. Smart social media strategists first learn from their organic content consumptions stats and then determine when and how to boost posts. Social media platforms give you the ability to test things before you pay anything for marketing.

For example, if you want to promote content through a social media platform, publish some content first and see its natural adoption. See statistics and learn what needs to be done in order to get the most out of your paid posts. Smart social media marketers don’t immediately spend money. They learn from their content’s organic reach and don’t spend money without analyzing the projected performance of the content.

Connect at a more personal level

Gone are the days when business communication was limited to formal letters and boring emails. Today, customers want to know about everything beyond the product they are buying. In order to connect with your customers at a personal level, give your business a voice and let your brand message reflect that voice. Customers know Microsoft and British Airways for their serious tone of voice and when it comes to witty and funny advertisements, we know how Wendy’s and Innocent Drinks do things in different ways.

Social media is perfect for newsjacking

For starters, newsjacking means aligning your business with a current event in order to get attention from media and more exposure for your brand. Social media platforms are perfect for this type of brand awareness campaigns. If your team is creative enough to jump in and develop viral content, your efforts can bring you more press coverage, traffic boost, media attention and quality links for your website.

Be unique among 2.77 billion users

Through relevant content, thoughtful answers, and informative posts, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Social media is an excellent platform to build authority by answering questions related to your industry and by providing the right information people can relate to. If you have noticed, there are some popular business profiles on social media that remain active most of the time. These people take the time to respond to their fans and also share industry-related updates regularly. You don’t need to copy anyone or stay active all the time. Just be an authentic, reliable and relevant source of information. And make sure that whatever you post has something worth checking.

Brand reputation management

Social media marketing can improve and change the perception of your business. It can shape your brand’s reputation because how you interact with people and how much attention you pay to your social media channels say a lot about your brand values and work ethics. Social media content that connects you with your customers’ positive emotions, builds positive sentiments around your business. So, when you are using social media for business success, good social monitoring tools are essential. Do you regularly check updates and notification for your social media accounts? Do you monitor the people who share and mention your content outside of your community?

Reduce your overall marketing costs

In addition to building brand awareness, generating leads, and giving your business more exposure, a strategic social media plan can reduce the overall marketing costs for your business. When compared with other marketing and advertising mediums, social media is less expensive among most of them, especially a lot cheaper than offline marketing solutions and television ads. By using ads and marketing material on social media, you can not only get your brand message in front of the people, but you can also do this often that too with more creative designs.

Use social media to recruit talent

Social media platforms are not just suitable for selling products or promoting your business in digital space, platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can also help you in finding the right talent for your company. A strong presence on social media can attract top talent and if you are actively looking for new candidates to fill vacant positions, social media can be a great platform to make such announcements and scan profiles of potential candidates.

You can earn feedback

Instead of buying paid positive reviews for your website, ask your customers to share their feedback on social media and see how much difference it makes. Encourage your customers for sharing their experience they had with your products and services. If they are not able to create the right message for your potential customers, help them by providing some templates or questionnaire. As a token of appreciation, you can give them coupons and discount vouchers.

Use social media to grow your email list

Not all your newsletter subscribers will come directly from your website. You will need to make efforts to grow your email list, and social media can be a great tool for the same. Share some highlights from an old content that is exclusively available to those who subscribed. Share such posts on social media as it is a great way to draw attention and encourage your followers to subscribe. Keep in mind that your goal is to make people realize what they will miss if they are not on your email list. To make it happen, it’s needless to say that your content must bring value to the end user.

Design your personal brand

No matter what your job title says about your role in your company, you know that your talent can’t be defined in a title. When you establish a powerful online presence for your company, you can also establish yourself as an individual brand and represent your thoughts and give a boost to your company’s performance.

Your value is based on what you bring to the table. People want to know what you do extremely well and that’s what they care about the most. If you, as an individual, can help people in any way, they would enjoy being a loyal fan.

You can team up with other companies

Many of us tend to be so satisfied with the individualism that collaboration becomes hard for us. Teaming up with another business is a complex term and people often misunderstand the core idea. By teaming up with another business, you are not handing over your share in the business to someone else. Such collaborations are more like networking where you simply make your circle bigger.

Gain a competitive advantage in business

Social media platforms are open to everyone. Nothing is hidden there and everything is so clear. If you’re starting a new business, you can check almost anyone’s social media profile to understand how they promote their brand. You can, in fact, check what your competitors are doing. By reading the comments and posts on their profile feed, you can find opportunities and get the idea of how you can gain a competitive advantage in business.

Unlike websites and other marketing tools where the availability of resources plays a major role, social media platforms are almost the same for everyone. Everybody uses the same tools, the same designs and the same way of representation. All you have to do is to just stand out with your content and strategy.

Get your business online in seconds

When it comes to marketing, nothing is as fast as social media for business. Launching a new business? Have a product to promote? Want more visibility and exposure? Create a profile on your favorite social media platforms and you can achieve all that. With your business profile, your products, services, and all the offerings will be available in front of millions of people worldwide. Do you know something faster than this? When it comes to marketing, flyers, TV ads, radio ads, or banners can’t deliver your message as effectively as social media.

Meet potential buyers

Now when you are using social media for business, meet your customers and potential buyers online. Share your business information, product and service related news updates, offers and everything your business can do. Almost everyone who’s connected to the internet is active on at least one social media platform. Your customers can be anywhere, in Facebook groups, Google+ circles, and Reddit communities or behind Twitter trends. Make them aware of your business’s existence.

Generate Leads

You probably know – unless you’ve been living under a rock – that many businesses generate leads through social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube are some of the big players in the digital space. There are many such platforms that offer lead generation opportunities.

You can set up an ad account and start creating brand awareness. If you are on a shoestring budget, post engaging content on social media and convince your customers to buy from you. It’s all about how beautifully you design your message and what value you bring to them.

Convert visitors into buyers

The Internet has an immense influence on a consumer’s everyday life. Customers prefer brands that have an online presence. They don’t want to spend their money on products or services of a company they don’t know anything about. A company’s online life determines how customers will remember it. On the social media platform, your business gets a face and not just a name. This helps in developing trust and that’s how businesses convert casual visitors into loyal customers.

You can sell products fast, really fast

Most people don’t know that they can sell products using any social media platform. Facebook provides your customers with a dedicated online store experience, but you can sell your products through other platforms as well. There are many ways to sell products fast on social media. You can use hashtags, offer discount coupons, organize a flash sale, run contests, offer gift vouchers and freebies to attract buyers and sell your products fast.

You can get instant traffic

No matter if your website is new or old, you can get instant traffic using social media for business websites and blogs. Having a strong follower base matters because it is a way to earn organic visits for your website. But if you‘ve just started a business and don’t have any followers on social media, paid advertisements on these platforms can help you gain instant traffic.

SEO benefits of social media

Most people don’t know that Google and other search engines pay attention to your social media statistics. To make the most out of your search engine optimization efforts, build a strong presence on social media and share regular updates with your audience. Traffic from social media platforms plays an important role in determining your rank in organic search results.

Quick customer service

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated customer support system on your website or in-house, social media platforms can help you be with your customers anytime they want. Customers tend to share feedback or raise a query on social media platforms. With a dedicated social media marketing team, you can manage all your customer support related tasks through these platforms.

You can target anyone

It’s true that social media platforms have completely changed the way we interact with people from different parts of the world. Using Facebook, Twitter or any other popular social media platform, you can take your brand’s message to anyone, anywhere. It sounds creepy but it is one of the major benefits of using social media for business.

Your competitors are doing it

If you take the time to create a strong online presence, it’s never too late. With that said, participating in discussions with your followers is also important. Well established brands have developed a sophisticated online presence by following the same route. So, don’t think that a new brand will go unnoticed. People care about quality and not the number of followers you have.

See what your competitors do and identify opportunities by analyzing what they lack and on which platforms they are putting less or more efforts. Thousands of companies are doing social media marketing. Find the ways to stand out.

High ROI on ads

After digging deeper into the Facebook vs Adwords battle, people have found that in most cases, your advertising journey should start from social media platforms. The main reason behind such a move is brand awareness. You can generate brand awareness through other advertising channels that don’t fall in the social media category, for example, AdWords. But on social media, businesses can easily convey the brand message that includes points such as what problem their products solve, what are the benefits, why someone should buy from them and how they’re different than others.

Social media is fun

If you’re using social media for business growth, you will never feel bored. There’s so much to do on many popular platforms. For example, a Facebook campaign, whether paid or a regular one, can keep you busy with so many things. The best thing is it is fun. Hosting a Reddit AMA, chatting on Twitter, Facebook in the comment section and private chat can be incredibly rewarding and it’s a way you can build connections and grow your business in real-time.

You can provide value

The real benefits of social media for business are the ability to provide value. You’d be amazed to see how many people in the world want to see things you know better than them. You will see how many people appreciate reading the experiences of others that do the things they care about. If you want to use social media for business success, focus on providing value because it’s more important than selling products.

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