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20 Best Upcoming Small Business Ideas for 2023

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If you are looking for the best small business ideas, here you will get twenty business ideas. Most of them do not require you to possess a large amount of money, but you have to acquire some relevant skills to start your business. Here we are presenting twenty business idea with the potential to grow and help you earn money and bring positive change in the world.

  1. Business Plan Maker

Every day people are coming up with new business ideas, but most of them do not know how to start one. Almost every single guide they read about entrepreneurship tells them to start with a plan. It’s a no-brainer that every business needs a business plan, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that every entrepreneur is a good planner. If you can help businesses by creating plans for them, they won’t mind paying you. This is a low-cost business with high earning potential.

  1. E-commerce Sales Assistant

Everybody wants to sell something – a book, apparels, electronic items, footwear, healthcare products and so much more. The problem is not everybody knows how to sell products online. If you could assist store owners in selling their products online, you can earn money easily. There are many marketplace platforms available, but many sellers struggle to stand out on such crowded platforms. You can be a helping hand in such cases.

  1. 3D Printing Services

Demand for 3D printed material is rapidly growing and this is the perfect time to jump into the game. If you are planning a small business but don’t have an idea to start with, offering 3D printing services can be a good business idea. You will need to invest in a high-quality printer, and once after your setup is ready, you can start taking orders online and offline.

  1. Virtual Call Center

You can easily set up your own virtual call centre by employing people from different parts of the world. Companies always need people to guide their customers about the company’s products and services or work as a customer support team to resolve business related queries. If you can build a team of individuals with good verbal and written communication skills, you can easily start a virtual call centre. You can also provide virtual assistance to companies as an add-on service.

  1. Internet Security Consultant

If you hate computer virus, hacking, phishing, and know about how to keep your devices safe from any such threats, you can set up a business around this idea. The world is fighting ransomware, WannaCry and many other cyber attacks on a daily basis, if you can guide businesses about how to protect their devices, companies won’t mind hiring you for training, consultation and routine security check-ups.

  1.  Currency Trader

With the help of a computer and the internet, you can start currency trading business. All you need is knowledge about the industry which you can easily get online. Many courses are available online that teach you how to trade in currency. If you can set up a business around this idea, you can easily make money.

  1. Privacy Protection Firm

Many big companies have taken advantage of their customers by collecting personal data. Now when smartphones and PCs are very common, the risk of losing confidential and personal data is rising. To help individuals and businesses keep the information safe and protected, you can come u with a unique business idea of building a privacy protection firm. You can offer consultation and software applications as well.

  1. Mobile App Developer

In this digital world, businesses are expected to have a decent website and a dedicated mobile app. Businesses who need to drive traffic and sales, a mobile application is an essential tool. If you have skills, you can start your mobile app development business and get projects from any marketplace or you can advertise your services using any digital marketing solution.

  1. Tutoring

Are you an experienced teacher? Can you teach something valuable? For example, a language, computer programming, finance, marketing, math, science, or any subject? If you can, there are many opportunities for remote teachers. You can just set up a website and start this business. You won’t have to worry about getting a physical teaching space, all you need is a video chat solution, which can be a good quality live streaming camera and mic. If you want to start the same in your local community, you can provide these services at home.

  1. Senior Care Services

Many senior citizens are in need of care at home. The services can range from cooking to medical requirements, or transportation. There aren’t many service providers available and there are many scopes to further develop this idea with innovative approaches. If you can set up any such business, it can be a great start, especially if you are from the nursing background.

  1. Lawn Care Services

Do you love nature and have the equipment to take care of a lawn? Starting your own lawn care business can be very profitable if you are located in or near neighbourhoods where people take interest in gardening. All you need to do is to acquire the required equipment and start advertising your new business venture.

  1. Online Tailoring Services

If you are a fashion designing enthusiast, why don’t you try setting up a business and do what you love? Online tailoring services can be offered from anywhere and all you have to do is to get accurate measurements from your clients, design dresses for them and sell. The idea of custom clothing is limited to brick-mortar stores, but if you could dare to bring the idea online, you can cover a large market.

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  1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a platform to showcase products, you can become an affiliate marketer. It can be a blog, or any other online or offline property where you can allow businesses to hire the space for advertisement by paying you. There are many ways to promote brands and their products. The more sales you generate, the better your earnings will become.

  1. Handyman

Almost every family faces problems related to electric fitting, plumbing, and faulty appliances. The repairing needs need immediate attention and if you can provide a service where you can just deliver the right technician’s services at the right time and right place, your business can thrive. You will need to make connections and you will also have to make sure of maintaining professionalism. Hiring experts would be the best idea.

  1. Homemade Food

Whether it’s a curry, chocolate, snacks, pickle or some soups, food will always remain in demand as long as the quality is being maintained. If you can cook and deliver homemade food to people, a home-based food business can become your community’s favourite and just like any other food-delivery business, you’ll need to take care of quality, delivery, and variety.

  1. Custom Woodworking

Can you design and build custom furniture? In the beginning, you can just start working on weekends and once your business catches speed, you can go all into this business and start making custom furniture with quality material and creative designs. If you can easily overcome shipping challenges for heavy furniture, you can expand your business and start taking orders from other locations as well.

  1. Pet grooming

Pet services are growing rapidly and it is one of the pet industry sectors which has been seeing tremendous growth for a long time. If you love pets, pet grooming business can be a low investment opportunity for you. The increasing number of pet owners will be your ideal clients and you can offer many add-on services to these people.

  1. Bidding Portal

If you can get a website or a mobile app where people can place a bid to offer services, you can start a good business and make money. There are many freelancers available who can offer so many services. If you do not want to compete with big companies or don’t have resources to manage so many freelancers, you can keep your services niche specific.

  1. Mobile Game Developer

If you have programming skills or you wish to learn to code, do it fast and get into the world of mobile game development. Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality have opened the doors of opportunities. There are many themes which are still untouched. You can pick one and develop a mobile game and earn money.

  1. Internet of Things

Learn C, C++, embedded programming and you’re ready to make some interesting electronic gadgets. If you can invest time in learning Python, Java and some other relevant programming languages, starting a business based on IOT or artificial intelligence can take you to new heights.

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