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How to Build of a Successful SEO Strategy

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There is no denying it. We reside in an internet driven world. If you want to see your business become successful and grow online, it is dire that an effective SEO strategy can easily find your website and your content.

It is impossible not to notice that there are many benefits to using social media platforms, other online channels, and referral websites. Despite all that, one of the most productive ways to bring in targeted traffic, meaning traffic that will convert into sales, is to rank high in the search engines. This is where search engine optimization comes into the picture.

Search Engines Optimization

Before we delve into SEO strategy and some tips for better optimization of your site, you must understand how the search engines work. In a nutshell, a search engine’s job is to provide the user with the best possible answer in the shortest amount of time.

Surprisingly, rankings will shift depending on the user that is doing the searching. Two people can conduct the same query at different locations, but experience a slightly different result based on individual search history. Google is starting to understand and give results based on our search patterns. It is essential to realize that none of these keyword rankings are set in stone. The spot you are in currently is not where you’ll be permanent. It’s going to change based on some different variables continually.

There is a whole list of different factors that figure into the algorithm. The reason for this is to help Google get the most natural results available. Again, the idea is to deliver the best answer to the user in the shortest amount of time. If this happens to be your site, you will end up with a higher spot in the rankings. When your site doesn’t produce these results, it will appear lower in the rankings.

Link Building

There are many things to consider when optimizing your site for searches. Link building is important for pointing traffic to your site. The term means merely to link external pages to one of your web pages. It’s not necessarily the number of links that are important, so much as it is the quality and context of these links. You must make sure that the links make sense about what you are offering.

For instance, you own a carpet cleaning business and need relevant backlinks for it.  You want to make sure that you have links that pertain to carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning supplies or the cleaning field in general. You can’t have links from an unrelated industry or a random page that doesn’t have anything to do with what you do. Google see will see this and consider those links to be spammy. They view this as using spam tactics. This can hurt you and your site’s reputation.

Make sure the person who is building your backlinks is qualified and understands Google’s policy. Low-quality links will do more damage rather than help promote your site to the search engines.

Quality Content

Another vital element is good quality content. Content is invaluable as it is what fuels the internet. When people search for information online, they’re looking for trustworthy contents that are going to answer their question or solve their problem. Whether you write your content or hire a professional writer, you’ve got to be sure that the words make sense to readers.

This is where Google’s AI technology Rankbrain kicks in, trying to understand better how people use the search engine to find solutions to their problems. Users search the internet differently depending on the types of issues they have. Sometimes when using Google, the tone will be more specific and use keywords, other times questions may be more general and asked simply out of curiosity. Rankbrain is trying to understand these tones, sort through the context of the situation and then deliver the best match for that particular user’s query.

Also, Google now has a mobile index and a desktop index. Just like before, you will see different rankings as well as other things when you’re using a mobile device instead of a desktop. For instance, if your site has accelerated mobile pages, you will see them rank higher on the mobile platform since you’re delivering fast content. This makes a better user experience so Google is placing more relevance on this, while on the desktop version, they may be looking for more in-depth content.

Google has reevaluated and focused attention on the end user because they know that those users rely significantly on their service. If Google can retain their status as the #1 trusted source for information, the company will grow to unimaginable heights. That makes their brand much more valuable and helps them hold on to their market share. Google will continue to evolve and provide outstanding service to the end user because their longevity depends on it.

Know Your Target Audience

One thing every company should do before starting an SEO campaign is to understand their users. This can easily be accomplished by installing tracking software on your site. Google Analytics also provides great insight into your user’s preferences and demographics. Understanding your market while getting to know the likes and dislikes, keywords and the types of phrases uses for search. It will be beneficial while planning for your campaign and creating content.

Once you understand who your target market is, it is now time to put in the work. Being knowledgeable about your users will help you to know what content will work best. Long form or short form is going to depend on your specific market and how they prefer their content. This is the very reason why short articles can outrank long pieces of content depending on the niche. Another fine example of where quality is much more important than quantity.

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Written byEthan Perkins