Salon Marketing Ideas : How to Increase Salon Retail Sales

A good business owner knows the value of each transaction — how a few upgrades here and there can make all the difference when it comes to turning a profit. That’s why upselling, or convincing your customers to upgrade their services to a premium option, is such a valuable skill.

Upselling can be particularly helpful in salons that depend heavily on retail sales. You likely have an array of products, and selling the most expensive options whenever possible is much more effective than selling the lower-priced products.

Here’s how you and your staff should be upselling to increase your salon’s retail sales. Here are some salon marketing ideas you can follow

Start high, then work your way down

The quickest, easiest way to upsell is to start high and then work your way down. If someone calls and asks to book a service, begin by offering the deluxe version. Explain why it’s a better deal and what they’d receive. If the client declines, offer the second-most-expensive option, and continue until you’ve reached their budget.

Set Your Own Profit Margins

You can set your own profit margins with products that you have control over. Many retail products today have price caps, giving you very little control of how much money you can actually make. If you bring in your own top-of-the-line private label skin care products at wholesale costs, you can mark them up as high as you’d like.

Ask when a client books

From the moment a client books — in-person or online — ask whether they’d like to upgrade. Make it clear what they’d receive with the upgrade and help them see that it’s ultimately a better deal. Each client is different, so gauge your intensity off how they respond to the first offer, you don’t want to annoy them or scare them away. For a survey, you must ask some questions to your guests at a salon.

Scatter menus around your salon

Contrary to popular belief, upselling doesn’t stop at the front desk. Once a client is in your salon, you still have a number of opportunities to upsell them. Start by scattering menus, brag books or testimonials across the salon. Place them in the waiting area, near the service tables, on your private label products, and wherever else someone might find them.

For some customers, an organic discovery of an upgraded service might be more effective than hearing about from the sales desk. So get ready to involve customers to participate in marketing efforts.

Listen while offering your services

On that note, an upsell suggestion might mean more coming from the person working with the client. They might already have an established relationship, and it feels much less like a selling technique when it comes from the service provider.

Train your staff to listen to the clients: Did they mention an upcoming event that would require an additional service? Are they having skin issues that would benefit from one of your special products? Upselling products and services at a salon can be a personal technique when done correctly.

Ask at checkout

Finally, you already know how important it is to rebook clients before they leave, but did you know it’s also a perfect opportunity to upsell? When you’re rebooking the client, ask if they’d like to try a new service at their next appointment, or mention that you’re offering a new service and you think they’d be a great candidate for it. Walk them over to your retail selection and point out which products have been selling the best among other clients. Again, don’t be too pushy — but don’t miss an opportunity, either.

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