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11 Profitable Mobile Business Ideas to Launch During Startup

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We live in the entrepreneurial renaissance. The 21st century has brought levels of prosperity and opportunity like never before—and it seems like everyone wants in on the entrepreneurs’ lifestyle.

Even with all this opportunity, though, the challenges and setbacks of getting your business up and running are still real as ever. Indeed, the situations that newcomers to this ruthless world are often surprised by how difficult it can be.

In order to succeed—especially as a startup—you’ll need low-cost mobile business ideas to provide a product or service that is cost effective to run yet yields moderate prices.

For this reason alone, top mobile business ideas are becoming increasingly popular, so let’s take a look at some of the best ideas out there.

Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Everyone loves their pets, right? Indeed, pet ownership is only continuing to rise in the developed world, becoming responsible for a booming industry.

People will spend thousands on their dogs’ healthcare, toys, comforts, and food—and don’t forget haircuts.

Which of course brings us to pet grooming services, specifically mobile ones. You’ve probably seen them: a van with pretty painted colors on the outside and happy dogs getting a fresh new look.

Mobile pet grooming businesses have become increasingly popular in this “deliver-to-your-door” world of Uber Eats and Amazon delivery.

Startup costs are relatively cheap and the barrier to entry is quite low. Level of skill is also a short hurdle to overcome and you can always hire a specialist to handle the legwork.

Education / Tutoring

If you’ve got some skill in a particular subject—maybe you incredibly proficient in math or writing—then you can make some serious money as a tutor.

Many parents are willing to pay big money to get their kids educated. You’d be surprised how much–$60 an hour is quite common.

Through simple word of mouth marketing, or simply passing out some fliers at a local school or university, you’d be surprised how quickly the clients can start pouring in.

Health and Personal Training

This is another niche that can rake in big bucks—and it has the potential to be entirely mobile.

Although many personal trainers work directly at local gyms, there is a wide market for meeting clients at their convenience.

Some people feel more comfortable working out at home, or in some cases, you are dealing with clients who have health issues and require a more intimate, isolated routine.

Additionally, there are time restraints. Individuals who find themselves extremely busy would rather spare themselves the drive to the gym or waiting in line to bench press.

Car Washes

You might have seen—or even hired—a mobile car wash service that shows up right on your driveway.

It’s a given: most people own cars (or at least aspire to) and there are plenty of reasons to hire someone straight to your door.

A mobile car-washing service can earn you a pretty penny with low costs and a short barrier to entry.


Although the cost of entry here is usually a bit steeper than other new mobile business ideas, landscaping is another legitimate possibility.

More and more, people are hiring professional landscapers to handle the sweat-inducing, backbreaking work of lawn care.

From mowing lawns to trimming hedges, it’s a well-paying job that more and more homeowners are “outsourcing.”

Mobile Florist

People love flowers—be it for weddings, parties, Valentine’s Day, or just their own personal garden.

A florist can take their business mobile and find themselves delivering flowers and bouquets in no time. The barrier to entry is short and the startup costs are modest—though a decent degree of expertise in the field will be required.

Professional Photography

This one is a no-brainer. You’ve probably seen the Instagram posts from “professional photographers” touting their latest gig in Egypt, photographic the Great Pyramids.

Although it’s not always as romantic as you’d think, it’s a business with a potential for high-paying gigs and lots of travel.

Plus, cameras have become increasingly automated, making the old days of manual camera work them cumbersome.

Mobile Cleaning

Just as landscaping is increasingly getting outsourced to professionals, so is home cleaning.

Similarly, just as mowing your lawn can be backbreaking work, so can mopping your floor.

If you’re strategic, you can find clients in wealthier areas that pay more for the service and offer a hefty tip when you’re done.

Taking this service mobile is fairly inexpensive and word-of-mouth advertising can really get the ball rolling.

Mobile Moving Services

With increasing rates of home sales, buyouts, and apartment renting, the market for helping people move their stuff is as prosperous as ever.

You won’t need much to get started, either: grab yourself, a friend, and a truck. Post some fliers around town and just wait for the first call to come in.

There are almost zero costs to entry (aside from the gasoline) and you’ll probably get in great shape!

Mobile Catering

Weddings, recitals, birthdays, reunions, welcome home celebrations—the list goes on and on. People like to celebrate things, and they really like to eat.

A mobile catering company can be a great way to make some money while travelling and being around festive people. Although food prep services are generally perceived as having very low-profit margins, people are willing to pay more for special occasions like weddings or birthday parties.

Food Trucks

This is a popular, rising trend, especially among millennials eager to get a bite to eat during work breaks.

Food trucks will usually require a decent initial financial investment to get the “wheels turning”, but once you do it could be a very lucrative opportunity.

Even better, you could hire an eager college student fresh out of culinary school to manage the legwork, while you take care of marketing, sales, etc.


Mobile business ideas are popular in an age where staying home and ordering right to your front door is trending.

What was once reserved for the upper classes is gradually reaching the homes of the general public thanks to automation.

These 11 mobile business ideas can come with their own unique challenges, but the rewards of entrepreneurship are always worth it.

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Written byEthan Perkins