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Marketing Manager Job Description

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Marketing managers are responsible for estimating, developing and implementing promotional plans for a business organization with customer-focused products. Marketing managers make strategies and recommend necessary changes for the development of an industry. Their job roles involve creating a budget, handling social media presence, and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers.

Are you looking for a career? This marketing manager job description will familiar you with the skills, duties, responsibilities and requirements you ideally need.

Marketing Manager Job Description Template

The primary roles of a marketing manager are:

  • Finding out the objectives
  • Planning and implementation of the strategy
  • Analyzing the market
  • Developing a new business model depends on the current market trend
  • Creating and handling promotional staff
  • Preparing budget
  • Organizing media campaigns
  • Identifying and engaging with customers in social media
  • Printing ads
  • Gathering information on the products in the market
  • Determining the creative way to promote the product or service
  • Researching the target audience
  • Maintaining the company or individual’s image from the organization in the market
  • Damage control
  • Improving SEO
  • Mentoring the employees according to the market trend
  • Managing customer service and feedback from customers
  • Incorporating new ideas
  • Coordinating multiple channels and segments
  • Conducting an analytic report based on data gathered
  • Managing the web teams to design and create a good profile of the company
  • Generating leads
  • Finding marketability of a new product

Education Required

For those who want to become a marketing manager the minimum education and experience certificate they need are:

  • 75% of marketing managers have a minimum bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communication, public relation, or advertisement.
  • 21% have an MBA degree in a relevant field.
  • 4% have a doctorate.

Marketing Manager Skill Requirements

  • Must have strong communication (verbal and written) and presentation skill
  • Knowledge about the on-going-market trend
  • Multitasking skill
  • Project management and decision making skill
  • Numerical and analytical skill
  • Digital skill (internet advertising and social media strategy)
  • SEO optimizing skill
  • Time management skill

Experience Required

Previous experience working in the marketing field can provide you a better opportunity. However, you can start from an entry-level job to become a marketing manager.

It’s seen that 49% have 10 years of experience, whereas 28% have more than 20 years of experience in the marketing manager post. On the other hand, 12% have less than 5 years of experience and 4% have less than 2 years of experience in this field.

Personality Traits

The personality traits of a marketing manager may vary from company to company. Also, it depends on their activity. They must be

  • Artistic, creative-minded, and adaptive
  • Good with people
  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Confident and positive
  • Optimistic
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Motivational

How to Become A  Marketing Manager?

There are simple five steps to becoming a marketing manager.

  1. Get at least one bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  2. Do an internship.
  3. Find an entry-level marketing job such as marketing coordinator.
  4. Gain the knowledge and improve your skills.
  5. Join a professional marketing association to be updated about the new trend, technology, and industry development.


A marketing manager’s salary varies with the location of the company. The average salary of a marketing manager is around annually $80,477 in the United States. The bottom 20% get around $41,800 per year, and the top 20% earn upto $155,100 per year.

Here is an average salary structure by the level of the position.

  • Top-level (90%)- $155,095/year
  • Senior-level (75%)- $113,666/year
  • Mid-level (50%)- $80,477/year
  • Junior-level (25%)- $56,979/year
  • Entry-level (10%)- $41,759/year

Different locations/states have different average salary structures for the marketing manager. Few examples are,

  • Alabama- $92,389/year
  • Arkansas- $119,490/year
  • Arizona- $75,463/year
  • California- $156,450/year
  • Connecticut- $136,580/year
  • Illinois- $79,758/year
  • Kentucky- $101,591/year
  • Montana- $116,890/year
  • New York- $172,230/year

Work Environment

Marketing managers work in their own office mostly. However, they may travel to different locations to attend meetings or other business purposes. They visit brick-and-mortar stores to check product sales and maintain a public relationship.

Marketing managers also travel to meet clients or promoting new products. The company provides them a  smartphone and laptop. They also continue their education courses to enhance their knowledge and get better opportunities to pursue a higher position.


Many professionals work for years in the marketing field. It’s possible to get training while being a market coordinator. With proper training and knowledge, one can become a marketing manager in a year. However, the salary depends on the size and location of the industry. According to US News and World report, the requirement of the marketing manager is higher. Marketing managers are often considered business leaders. To obtain the position, you must become up-to-date about the ongoing market trend and develop your skills. Your activities will reflect on the business.

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