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Top 10 Lead Generation Process: Take Business to the Next Level

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Effective lead generation process needs to be focused, mobile-friendly, result-oriented and measurable. All the successful lead generation campaigns look simple as the professionals working behind them craft a compelling brand message and put it at the core of the strategy. Doing this isn’t easy, and it needs careful planning with attention to details. This actionable lead generation guide for startups shows you how you can do it.

1. It starts with what you have

Many first-time entrepreneurs and marketers spend a lot of time, unknowingly, waiting for better results using the same process. Rather than optimizing their strategy, they put more money into it to keep the traffic flowing to their website. This is a surefire way to pay more and get below-average results.

If you want to see great results, you have to check your existing lead generation process to make sure that it’s completely damage proof. Check your landing pages, web forms, website compatibility, filtering, targeting, and ideal customer profile to ensure that your campaign generates quality leads.

2. Think mobile marketing for smooth sailing

Mobile has changed the way people interact with deals, discounts, and offers. It doesn’t mean that you have to create mobile-only content for your marketing campaigns – optimize your content for the mobile platform.

For example, you can use progressive profiling instead of asking users to fill web forms or type something on their device’s small screen. Your target customer may not be having enough time to check each piece of content you’ve produced. So, make your call-to-action simple and your offering details straightforward. Most importantly, don’t forget optimizing your content for the mobile screen.

3. Use the power of words

If you want to create an impression worth remembering, words are your magic wand. Anything is possible with the power of words, and it’s not about churning out a hundred pieces of articles in a month. You have to draw attention to words. A powerful headline, smart use of verbs and fewer words can significantly increase click-through rate.

Use of fewer words in headlines can help you gain more traffic has been studied by Neilson and Guardian. The same applies to other parts of your content and call-to-action buttons and statements.

4. Swap leads and shifts into high gear

It may sound against your lead generation process but swapping leads can open doors to new opportunities. Let’s say you’re a website developer – a very good programmer. You get requests for graphics design, but you don’t have relevant skills or you don’t have enough time to work on such projects. Instead of turning down these service requests, build relationships with professionals who provide those services.

That way, you will not only help someone grow, such as connections and your willingness to help your clients will eventually pay off well.

5. Look beyond organic leads

Considering SEO and organic social media leads is a good idea for startups, but your lead generations process should include paid media promotion. Guest posts, PR, social media advertising and display advertising can help you gain instant visibility.

The organic lead generation process is for long-term, so do not compromise on that part. The same applies to your short-term lead generation strategy as you may not want to wait for weeks to finalize your first business deal.

Take the help of a professional digital marketing agency and let the experts develop a roadmap for your brand’s success. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

6. Develop a never-ending source of information

Just think – why so many people rely on some specific websites, newspapers, TV channels or game developers for content? The reason is consistency. We all know that there’s someone who knows what we want to see, read or play. We know that they won’t disappoint us when we need new information.

Be that source. It can be anything – a video series on YouTube, a webinar, a blog on your website, whitepapers, eBooks, freebies or newsletters. Stick to it and see it becoming one of the biggest reasons for people to come back to you.

7. Encourage reviewers

No matter how many testimonials you publish on your website, people trust the ones posted by online users on platforms like Google, Facebook, and other review rating websites. So focus on encouraging users to review your business online. It may not directly bring people to your website or business, but remember that these days a large number of people rely on reviews.

People read and trust reviews because they are taught to “learn from the mistakes of others.” A business with zero or fewer reviews often gets overlooked.

8. A live chat option

This feature on your website can play a major role in winning and losing clients, but it can save you a lot of time. To eliminate the risk of disappointing potential customers, make sure that the individual or the group handling chat window knows everything about your products and services.

Startups on shoestring budget hire less qualified people to handle calls or live chat sessions, and that’s where they lose new business opportunities. Provide proper training to your customer support and sales teams, and if possible, let someone from a relevant department handle queries during peak business hours.

9. Host an event

Not asking you to register yourself as a speaker in some conferences if you don’t have anything valuable to share at this moment. If you are on a tight budget or don’t have enough resources to host a big event, start small. Ask small business owners, students or individuals to join you for the event. You can offer partnership and advertising opportunities to attract local business owners.

From a topic-driven event to a casual business meet, there are plenty of ways to engage people with your business and products. Think of some creative event ideas or take help of the internet if you need.

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10. Take a new approach

Just think about how you can use the traditional lead generation process in creative ways. From offering discount coupons in emails to mailing out product information with offers, there are many ways to do things differently. A simple search on Google can bring you many creative lead generation ideas and make you believe that there’s no limit when it comes to planning creative lead generation strategies.

A bonus tip

That said, always pay attention to small details. For example, people hate copying number from websites, and they hardly do. To convince them to call you directly from your website, make your business number clickable. There are many more things you can do to generate leads. Just be creative and think beyond the traditional approach.

Successful lead generation process varies from business to business. So you have to be clear about what you want to achieve in the long term and short term.

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Written byEthan Perkins