How to Find The Owner of A Business – Smart Techniques

Do you ever try to know the name of a business owner? There can be different purposes to look after for a particular business owner. 

Businesses in the B2B setup need some contact research to create leads in the marketing field. Business owners usually communicate with each other for the collaboration of projects or partnerships to open up various opportunities.

For example, you may offer a business owner one of your services which is already proven to increase the productivity of a business. It can also be more important matters like potential litigation for some people.  

However, getting a name behind the business can open up various opportunities if you’re determined. Hence,  If you want to meet a business owner of another company, we’ve explained how you can do it in this article.

How to Find The Owner of A Business

Make A Call

One of the best and easiest solutions to know any business owner’s name is making a call. You can search for the business owner’s number in any phone directory, local or online. 

Remember, as you are making a sudden call, the chances are that the owner’s assistant will pick up the call. It is your task to talk nice and gather the information you are looking for.

Check Company’s Website 

You can check if the company owner’s name you’re searching for has any online website. Most of today’s business has their own website and social media accounts. Go to the website and look for the “About Us” and “Contact Us” sections to find useful information about the business.

In case you don’t find this information on the company’s website, perform a Google search for the specific company’s name. Also, you can find this information on the Linkedin profile of a company.

Dig Through Social Media Platforms

Sometimes business owners use their social media accounts to interact with their customers and other clients. You can take advantage of these social sites to search for the contact details of a specific business owner. Additionally, search engines like Google, Firefox can show the list of complete contact information of your preferred company.  

On Facebook, you can find that many customers post reviews about that company, and sometimes they tag the owner too. If a standard search doesn’t help you, use the Timeline and Graph search options.  

So, it is always recommended to check out different business social media accounts to find useful information. 

Run a WHOIS Search

If you are unable to find any data about the owner on the company’s website or social media accounts, you can run a WHOIS search. This is because all the domains out there have an owner’s name registered in WHOIS

Start the search simply by opening your browser and searching “whois.” Then, open the site and enter the domain name of the business’s website; all the data will be available on your screen.

However, some domain owners want to stay private and pay other third-party apps to hide their information. So, in case you see that the domain owner’s name is “Domains by Proxy,” this means they have hidden their name. 

Get in Touch With Local Business Licensing or Regulatory Agencies

You can also obtain your desired information about a business owner from the government offices that are in charge of business licenses. In addition, you can use search engines to know the proper authorizing body. Use these queries to start your search:

  • Business licenses city, state/prov
  • Certificate occupancy city, state/prov
  • Licenses inspections city, state/prov
  • Business permits city, state/prov

Note: You need to know the exact city and state of the business to make these queries work properly. 

Search the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports

Business organizations register their companies on Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get recognition. It’s a non-profit organization that gathers and distributes business information. So, you can read the Better Business Bureau reports obtaining data about a business or its owner. It might even store information about non-registered companies. But, remember that the primary contact details you’ll get from there may not be the business holder. Also, it might often display older data; that’s why always check the dates of the reports.

Go Through the State Database of Registered Business

You can search the state database to find the registered owner of a company. Every state asks business owners to register their company name to keep a record. You can find them easily on the internet.  

It’s a straightforward procedure. You just need to type the business name and wait for the result. If the company you’re searching for is registered under that state, you’ll get the name and contact information of the owner of that company. Additionally, it’ll provide a list of other states if the company is not registered in that particular state in which you’re searching. You can even find more information via online directories like Hoovers or Dun & Bradstreet. These websites allow you to find businesses in your area that are organized by industry.

Try the Chamber of Commerce

You can check the Chamber of Commerce directory to find the business owner’s name. Normally you can get it on the public part of their website. Hence, just open the website and look for the business profile that includes the name of chamber members and small businesses. Most of the time, the owner is registered as a member. 

Use Private Search

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions but still couldn’t find the owner’s name, you can get help from private search companies like Manta and Hoovers.

However, these websites are not free; you have to pay an amount of money to get the answer to your query. Additionally, you need to read the terms and conditions of the website before proceeding.

Final Words

That’s all. These are the methods you can try to find a business owner. Hopefully, one of these methods will help you to reach your destination. Wishing you very good luck with your search! 

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Written byMichael Durham