How Many Wheels Are There in the World?

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Are you aware of the latest social media debate that took place on Twitter about doors and wheels? Do you’ve any idea what a wheel is? If you don’t know the answer to all these questions, read out the complete article to get all the information. 

To be frank, New Zealander Ryan Nixon certainly didn’t intend to create a Twitter feud while questioning his followers, which they believed is more in the world, Doors or Wheels. However, since then, how many wheels are there in the world has become a common topic of discussion, especially among people from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

How Many Wheels are There in Individual Vehicles?

Vehicles typically have two or four wheels, but occasionally you’ll find ones with more than that, like the military vehicles that have as many as 14 wheels. Four-wheeled vehicles are the norm. If you look attentively, a bus or damped motor vehicle could appear to have six wheels. However, there are other wheels to consider that belong to toys, bicycles, motorcycles, shopping carts, wheelchairs, trolleys, etc.


As mentioned earlier, cars normally have four wheels or tires; and as there are 1.446 billion cars in the world, so there are 5.784 billion wheels. That doesn’t sound right, as there are other wheels in a car as well. The steering wheel and the gears that run the car engines are all wheels, so that brings up to 8.676 billion wheels.

Bicycles and motorcycles

There are more than 1 billion bicycles and 600 million motorcycles in the world. So, we are counting more than 2 billion wheels, excluding the wheels on the gears.

Toy Wheels

Hot Wheels cars, LEGO blocks, Tonka trucks, Razor scooters, and that Fisher-Price corn popper that toddlers love to toss around are just a few examples of popular toys that use wheels.

Hot Wheels and Hasbro have confirmed that they have sold more than 6 billion and 15 million toy cars, respectively. So, we are talking about 60 million more wheels without considering toys from other local brands.

Other Wheels (Shopping Carts, Furniture, Trailers, Trolleys, etc.)

Everything has wheels: office chairs, shopping carts, trolleys, baby strollers, trailers, etc. So, it is impossible to count all that without making an assumption.

Some Largest Manufacturer Companies of Wheels

Some largest manufacturer companies of wheels are:

  • Green Rubber-Kennedy AG, LP (founded in 1990, headquartered in Salinas, CA).
  • Monroe Engineering Products (founded in 1954, headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI)
  • CS Unitec, Inc (founded in 1990, headquartered in Norwalk, CT)
  • A Plus Warehouse Equipment & Supply (founded in 1996, headquartered in Lynn, MA)
  • Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp (founded in 1965, headquartered in Greenwood, IN)
  • Warehouse Equipment & Supply Company (founded in 1971, headquartered in Birmingham, AL)
  • Frain Industries (founded in 1981, headquartered in Carol Stream, IL)
  • Meyer Material Handling Products, Inc (founded in 1974, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN)
  • American Crane & Equipment Corp. (founded in 1972, headquartered in Douglassville, PA)
  • Diamond Needle Corp. (founded in 1949, headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ)

Country that has The Most Wheels

The country that has the most wheels is “China” as the country has more than 307 million motor vehicles, excluding other sources that have wheels. However, on the other hand, San Marino can also be on the list as it has 1263 vehicles for every 1000 residents. 

In the United States, LA, California has the most cars than any other city and Murrieta has the highest rate of car ownership in the USA.


To tell you the truth, it is not possible to count all the wheels in the world and that’s why it is difficult to quantify the number of wheels precisely. However, we have counted almost 37 billion wheels in the world, so it’s clearly a win against the number of doors in the world.

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Written byMichael Durham