How Long Does StockX Take to Ship and Deliver? Your Answer is Here

StockX is one of the greatest online marketplaces to buy authentic products with brand value.

StockX has different centers to verify the authenticity of all the items before shipping them to the consumers, which makes it unique. Thereby, you get the assurance that the product you get is not fake. 

However, since there are a wide variety of sellers in the StockX marketplace and their shipping process takes some additional steps, it can take a little longer shipping time than other websites like Amazon. 

Here, we’re going to describe everything about StockX’s shipping process and how long you need to wait to get your item.

How Long Does it Take StockX to Deliver?

As per StockX’s website, they try to deliver all their orders within 7-12 business days. It’s important to note that weekends and federal holidays are not counted as business days. Therefore, you must consider this while expecting your product to arrive. 

Are you curious to know why it takes such a long time?  Well, there are some reasons. 

The seller of the item initially takes time to ship the product to StockX for authentication. It usually depends on the category of the product. However, most items get shipped within 2 business days but new-release sneakers take almost 3 business days to ship. 

After that, the StockX experts start verifying the authenticity of every product. This action takes 1-2 business days after receiving the items from the seller. Finally, the product gets ready to ship to the buyers which takes extra time. 

Hence, it’s safe for StockX to fix the delivery time within 7-12 days. In case you are from outside the United States, you are most likely to receive your product on the 12 business day.

How Does StockX Shipping Work?

As StockX is a marketplace it doesn’t directly sell the products. Instead, they made a huge network of buyers and sellers to sell and buy independently on the platform. 

However, StockX works differently than other online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. When someone buys an item from StockX, it doesn’t get shipped directly to the buyer. Rather, the seller first ships the item to one of the verification centers of StockX to verify the product’s authenticity. 

Once the item arrived at a verification center of StockX, it will update the tracking by saying ‘Received at StockX for Authentication’. This verification process will usually end up within two business days.

After the verification, StockX makes the products ready to ship to the customers. This additional step adds a little more time to the whole process. 

Although it takes a little bit extra time, StockX performs these processes to maintain its integrity and assure that all its products are authentic. Nevertheless, StockX hardly accepts cancellations because of its unique system of product delivery. Most of the time It doesn’t even allow returns.

Does StockX Have Any Option to Accelerate the Shipping Process? 

Sadly, StockX doesn’t have any option currently to accelerate the shipping process. However, StockX has promised to deliver all orders to customers as early as possible. 

In case you have a very short time, it’s best to order your product in advance to receive it on time. 

What Courier Does StockX Use for Shipping?

StockX currently uses UPS, Fedex, T-Force, DHL, USPS, and SF Express to ship all their packages. According to the StockX website, they most commonly use UPS courier for shipping.

Nevertheless, occasionally StockX might use different couriers. Moreover, many online reports recommend that StockX use DHL to ship products outside of the United States. It’s because DHL has multiple centers across the world and they are most frequently used for international shipments. 

Note that you can choose your preferred delivery option from your StockX account.

Does StockX Ship Products on Weekends? 

Since weekends ain’t considered business days, neither StockX nor the sellers ship products on weekends. Federal holidays are not also considered business days. 

However, courier services like UPS and USPS might still deliver products on weekends. It means once your item gets shipped and is on the way to your address, it might still be delivered at any moment. 

Does StockX Offer International Delivery? How Long Does it Take?

Fortunately, StockX offers international delivery. However, they don’t provide any guidance about how long it takes to deliver the product. Sometimes customers get their items within two weeks and for some, it takes three weeks or more.

Does StockX Provide Delivery to My Country?

StockX provides delivery to almost 200 different countries. So, you can shop from StockX as there are possibilities to get the product delivered to your country. 

Although StockX charges a 3% international procession fee and an international shipping fee of $15 – 30, it provides delivery to these countries

Does StockX Provide Shipment to DPO, APO, FPO, and PO Addresses?

Unfortunately, StockX doesn’t provide shipment to DPO, APO, FPO, and PO addresses currently.

StockX commonly uses a UPS shipping courier that doesn’t offer services to this kind of address. Nevertheless, if you’re using an APO address, use any third-party company like ShipitAPO to get your product delivered. 


Although StockX takes a little extra shipping time than other online marketplaces, it provides great relief of mind by checking the authenticity of every product. 

If they don’t perform these extra steps to verify products, then they would be considered like any other online marketplace selling streetwear, hoodies, sneakers, and other outfits. So, it can be said that the extra shipping time StockX takes is completely justifiable. 

Hopefully, this article will help to clear all your doubts regarding StockX. If you’ve any further queries, do let us know in the comment box below. 

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