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Being Homeless Can Give You Valuable Information About Entrepreneurship

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homeless entrepreneurship

You may be surprised to learn that being homeless can teach you invaluable life lessons and prepare you for embarking on your own homeless entrepreneurship. There are things that get embedded in your soul, such as gratefulness, integrity and irreplaceable knowledge.

You’re Own Your Own

You are in charge of your own destiny. As nice as it would be, no one is going to swoop in and save you picking up your slack. You are the one in the captain’s seat bearing the greatest share of responsibly. If you want something to happen, set your goals, aim high and make things happen! We can’t depend on others to sort out our issues, sadly, everyone has their own share of difficulties that they are dealing with. That’s just life.

It’s Okay to Let Others Help You

Many times, homeless people don’t want to burden family and friends, so they pretend to have everything under control. When someone does reach out to you and offer help, it’s okay to accept. Oftentimes, we let our foolish pride get in the way of doing what is best ourselves.

While being an entrepreneur does require you to shoulder the brunt of responsibility, it is fine to trust the people you have hired to do their jobs. Delegating tasks to capable beings is necessary for things to run smoothly.

Don’t Waste Precious Time

When you don’t have access to modern technologies and all the great conveniences we have at our fingertips in this day and age, you realize just how precious time really is. Many of us spend so much time in front of the television or glued to our smart devices that hours dwindle away without us even realizing.

Entrepreneurs should spend more time working on their business model or honing their craft to avoid worrying about less important things. Time management is something we should all work on. It’s okay to take a break and have a little fun, but devoting more time to your business will result in great returns.

Doing What You Love is the Only Way to Showcase Your True Greatness

There are tons of successful people who have been down on their luck at one point in their lives. These individuals will tell you that being homeless taught them invaluable lessons that helped shape them for success. When you don’t have a roof over your head, you realize you have truly hit rock bottom. The only place to go is up. Many people use these unfortunate events as a guiding force to better themselves. They come out of it stronger with the perseverance to chase their dreams.

So many people settle for starting a business doing something they are good at, rather than something they love. While they may be successful, most are not truly happy. Why do we do this? After all, isn’t the whole point of starting your own business to obtain freedom? The American Dream? It’s not really freedom when you are tied to something that doesn’t make you happy. Set out to start a business that you will be passionate about, otherwise you will always feel like a slave to the company.

Any Skill Can be Mastered if Repeated Enough Times

Entrepreneurs and the homeless alike must learn new things to better their situation. Always know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Once you learn a skill it will start to become automatic.

Practicing something new until you reach mastery requires great focus. Unfortunately, that kind of focus is hard to manage in today’s business world. The main reason is there’s so much distraction. You will find interruptions around every corner that are constantly vying for your attention.

The second reason, entrepreneurs tend to over-commit. When you attempt to make changes in many aspects of your life, it becomes almost impossible to focus on a single thing at a time. We must find a way to devote enough time to learn the skills needed for our businesses to thrive.

You Have to Take Care of Yourself

The homeless know all too well how not taking care of yourself can have a negative effect on your well-being. Without access to healthcare, nutritious foods or protection from the elements they are always at risk for illnesses and diseases. Not to mention the effect stress and depression can have on their mental health. All of these things leave them with the lack of drive or energy to do much of anything.

Regardless of how busy you may be, you must always make time to take care of yourself. Entrepreneurs are terrible about grabbing food on the go, skipping meals, missing sleep and flaking out on a regular workout routine. In turn, our health suffers. This is especially true once we reach 30 years of age and beyond.

Our bodies require fuel in the form of healthy foods, exercise, rest and relaxation. We must keep our minds sharp and our bodies fine-tuned to work at an optimal level.

Never Forget Where You Came From

Never lose sight of your goals, always remember your roots and allow your passion to guide you to live a purposeful life. No matter how successful you become, never forget where you started. Appreciate the road you have traveled to get where you are and the lessons you learned along the way.  Mentoring others who are in the same position you were once in is a wonderful way to give back.

The worse thing an entrepreneur can do is let success go their head. Even when you are at the pinnacle of your career it is important to stay grounded. You have every right to be proud of your achievements, but do not boast. A little humility goes a long way. The only person you should be concerned about competing with is yourself. No matter what our social status is, each and every one of us has room for self-improvement. A few words of advice, always remain humble and kind.

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Written byEthan Perkins