12 Awesome Grand Opening Ideas For Small Businesses

Beginning your venture with a grand opening means attracting a large crowd to make them aware of your business.

However, starting a new business requires so much planning and hard work, making the opening quite stressful.

On the other hand, it is required to come with a full-proof plan to make a grand opening for your business if you wish to get long-term success.

If you don’t know how to organize such grand opening events, then here we’ve given a list of awesome grand opening ideas for small businesses that you should try to host the best opening event.

12 Grand Opening Ideas to Create Buzz

If you want to open your new business with a huge grand opening to create a buzz for your brand, here are 12 awesome ideas that surely attract people toward your brand. Although all ideas are not appropriate for every type of business, you can select the best suitable ideas among them for the grand opening of your brand.  

1. Invite some Influencers

Nowadays, everyone uses social media. There are many social media influencers out there and people get influenced by their style of living. Thus inviting a social media influencer to the opening ceremony of your new business would be a great idea.

Just send them a sweet invitation over email or post. You can also send them a sample of your product. They can upload pictures of your product on their social media accounts and help you get noticed by their followers.

2. Host a Party

Host a grand opening party for your business. This will help the people know more about your business, your employees, and your business’s services. Make sure to invite all your employees as well. 

3. Partner With A Local Charity

Business is not always about profit; sometimes, it is about helping our community!

Additionally, partnering with a charity can help your business in many ways. First of all your company will earn respect as well as it will create a good impression. 

Talk with a local charity and try to donate the profits of the first day of your brand new business. This will help to create strong bonds with the people of the charity and with your customers as well. It will also help to define the purpose of your business. 

4. Host a Giveaway

This is probably one of the best ways to attract more customers. Host a giveaway event at the grand opening of your business.

To ensure a grand opening, put up attractive items as prizes. The customers will participate in the events and win those prizes. Make sure to make it fun and interesting. This will give your customers a feeling of joy and they will return to your shop for sure.

5. Live Concert

As we all know, music unites people. Live music has always been a people’s attraction. Hire a good musician and tell him to rock the stage with some popular songs. This will benefit both your business and the band as well. Both of you can promote one another.

Music can really help change the people’s mood and they will remember your business’s grand opening for the great music. 

6. Offer Free Meals

If you are opening a restaurant, then offer some meals on the house. Who doesn’t love free and delicious food? Customers will definitely appreciate such gestures and will surely come back again.

7. Launch on A Holiday

This is the most important point that you have to keep in mind before scheduling your opening ceremony.

No matter what type of venture you are starting, whether a salon or restaurant or a grocery shop, make sure to do it on holiday.

This will help you gather as many people as possible and people can also spend a considerable time at your event when they are free. 

8. Give Discounts

In case you don’t want to give your products for free, it’s absolutely okay to offer a good discount to those customers who attend the opening ceremony of your business. This will make them feel special and it’s a great way to show them how valuable they are to you. 

9. Snail Mail 

Snail mails are not at all old-fashioned. However, a personalized mail for someone does sound special, so you can try this one to invite people to the grand opening.

It will help you show them how important every customer is to you and it will surely increase the chances of the customer to attend your party. 

10. Plan a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

A ribbon-Cutting ceremony is one of the most famous ceremonies for almost every business. It provides a different sort of feeling in the mind of the customers and makes them feel that your business is promising, which really is!

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony also makes the customers attend on time so that they can experience the whole event. Moreover, it is not expensive at all and is an attractive activity overall.

11. Pick A Theme

A themed event always attracts people. Pick a theme that will suit your customer base. It can be a popular TV show, a holiday destination or anything.

Give it your all to decorate your shop according to the theme. The customers will surely enjoy it. Even there are high chances that they will take pictures and post them on their social media handles, which means you will get a free advertisement for your new business. 

12. Offer Something For The Kids

Kids are the heart of every event and it is not that difficult to make them happy. Try to offer something to the kids. It can be toy cars, teddy bears, dolls or chocolates. They will love it so much; As the parents are going to bring the kids, they will love your gesture will visit your shop again.

How to Promote a Grand Opening?

Followings are the ideas to create some early buzz to promote a grand opening.

Use the Power of Social Media

Start building loyal followers based on every popular social media platform. You can also run some sponsored ads to reach those people who can be your potential customers. Creating hype by arranging smaller giveaways can help you generate more buzz about your grand event.

Build Brand Awareness

Apart from digital promotion, you can also try traditional advertisements like newspaper ads, TV and radio broadcastings, banners, etc. This will help in creating brand awareness as well as get more people to attend the grand opening.

Ask People to Endorse You

Other than approaching social media influencers, you can also ask the customers to endorse you in return for some reference and comeback offers. Make sure the customers give you a good rating and reviews on various platforms on the internet to get more business.

Balance Your Budget

No matter what you do to promote and launch your business, ensure that you have a budget for everything you plan to do. Failing to stick to the budget is not a good thing for your venture. Create a budget for the event as well as for the early promotions not to overdo anything.

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