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Essential Elements Every Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Have

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It is quite fascinating to see how much the usage of social media by people around the world has evolved over the past few years.  With the increase in social media engagement, so many brands and companies have turned it to an advantage for their business. With over 51% of the world’s population having access to the internet, this shows that billions of people are as well, involved in the use of social media. Equally, brands and agencies are always ready to build up social media marketing strategy as an effective form of marketing for so many people.

Social media marketing is well practiced amongst thousands of the world’s leading brands and companies. Promoting your products or services is very important if you wish to gain customers. This is practically the reason why any brand you are likely to come across is using the social media available today to market their service.

Social media platforms vary in popularity and effectiveness. Ranging from the social networking websites ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and microblogging websites (Twitter, Tumblr), to photo-sharing websites (Pinterest, Instagram) and video-sharing websites (YouTube, Vimeo). Business organizations are mostly involved in social media marketing, and this is because of the large portion of their audience that are using the platforms. This offers an easy process of reaching out to customers.

In other words, social media offer the best form of marketing to business organizations. But business organizations can get this from the strategies they put in. It takes time to build the perfect marketing strategy, but it is important brands and agencies know the key elements that will help them do this.

8 Essential Elements Of A Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the past years, social media marketing was way too easy for just about any company or business organization to carry out. A successful social media marketing requires an investment. Not just any investment, but investments in ad campaigns and various social engagement strategies. So, let’s take a step towards finding out what essential elements any social marketing strategy would need, and probably the coming years. Below are eight elements that are essential to your business’s social media marketing strategy:

Your Target Audience

When creating a social media marketing strategy, it is important you make a research on your target audience. By researching your audience, you can determine the kinds of people who use your service. Researching your audience answers questions like;

  • What is the age range of your customers?
  • Who buys your products?
  • Where do your customers come from?
  • What are the income levels of your customers?

Fortunately, many of the social media platforms which offer marketing opportunities to business organizations usually provide a dashboard that shows proper stats of their customers’ demographics. This way, business organizations are likely to come up with the best content for their social media customers.

Your Business Goals

Setting up your business goals and objectives is a very easy task to do for any business organization. You can easily come up with the right goals that would require your focus, although, it is important you take and execute them one after another. Providing your business with clear objectives is a very helpful technique, as you would be very aware of where you and your customers are headed. Not knowing where you are headed can become a complete waste of time.

Determining and executing your business goals such as sales can help you understand and improve your customers’ loyalty toward your business. Every other business goal of any business organization includes increasing the number of returning customers and especially increasing brand awareness.

The Right Social Media Platform

There are different types of social media platforms, with each platform offering different techniques for carrying out marketing procedures. Each of them has different ways you can approach them, and trying to come from a single angle might not work out just as planned. You can learn about their working styles and as well, their complexities.

By finding the right social media platforms, you can meet the requirements of practically all your customers, as you would have mastered the perfect strategies required to learn about these platforms’ intricacies.

Marketing Objective

Get the right objective that suits your marketing strategy. The marketing objective is a very important element that requires various marketing tools and sets your social media marketing strategy to the needs and resources of your brand.

Data Analysis & Measurement

Let’s say you use LinkedIn and Google+ for your social media marketing, and your customers seem to be more engaged in the former than the later, this can help you determine your primary and secondary platforms for social marketing. Analyzing your marketing data can greatly help you decide which platforms would need more resources than the others. This saves your budget and also your efforts in social marketing for the coming years.

In other words, measurements can be taken to see how fast and effective your business’s social marketing is progressing or deteriorating. Every business organization can get measurements and even analysis of their social media marketing from the account’s dashboard of whatever platform they decide to use. Metrics should as well be analyzed and measured for your business to understand whatever happens around it. Some of these metrics may include:

  • Clicks
  • Hashtags
  • Shares
  • Reviews
  • Comments
  • Reach

Content Management

When it comes to content management, you should be ready to create contents that blend in your company’s identity. You must learn how to post at the right time, how to post frequently, and how to give your customers exactly what would fit into their demographics, and not just content that entirely promotes your business organization.


Business organizations have had to deal with the increasing number of competition in social marketing. The only way to ever beat your competitor(s) at their own game is to investigate and understand their logic. Never copy or steal any of their ideas, but instead, find a way to create something better than what they have to offer.

Budget & Resources

Marketing tools and campaigns seemed to have been less expensive. You must learn how to allocate your brand’s resources too various marketing tools that are likely to improve your marketing strategy. Create specific budget plans for every aspect of your social media marketing strategy, and make successful approaches towards the vision of your business organization.

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Written byEthan Perkins