10 Great Movements of Digital Marketing Transformation

Your brand is what makes your product uniquely yours and an important player in any successful business. Your brand is working only if people are constantly looking for your product. As users discuss their needs and priorities regarding business via social media, companies are becoming more aware of the significance of the brand revolution on major consumer-dependent industries. We are seeing companies become even more in sync with the needs and preferences of the consumer, while drastically centering their products around these newly emerging digital marketing transformation.

Artificial Intelligence Helping to Change the Way We Look at Things

We have seen a major increase in the use of artificial intelligence for marketing purposes during 2017. As our lives, both personal and professional, become more complex, we reach out to artificial intelligence to lend assistance. It is a growing trend for more start-up companies, as well as those who use data analytics, to identify artificial intelligence as a solution for consumers to maneuver in a world that is becoming increasingly complicated. In turn, seeing their brand grow through digital marketing efforts.

Generation Z Users Demand Instantaneity

When you grow up surrounded by technologies, smart devices and social media you come to expect instant communication and entertainment at your fingertips.  This can be witnessed in the way Generation Z leans towards social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram that are up in a flash. The drawback to this is, their generation has grown up with immediate response as its bottom line expectation. We can bank on seeing probably three or more platforms we’ve never seen before climb to great heights during the next year. These will offer faster, more visual, and more unconstrained ways for the ever-growing Generation Z.

Content Curation Remains in Demand : Digital Marketing Transformation

Content marketing has always been a major player in digital marketing transformation. With so much available information available we find ourselves overwhelmed and we simply aren’t able to process all of it. As a result, we have to come to rely not only reliable content, but on the those we entrust to curate this content for us in a way that resonates with the reader’s values, interests, and lifestyles. Although visual content is at an all-time high, there is no way to get around having good, quality text. During this year, there has been a noticeable rise in the demand for niche writers and content curators.

Businesses are Realizing the Importance of Availability on Mobile Devices

Over the past few years, we have seen the emergence of a new electronics transition. Brands must innovate and have compatible websites along with apps available for mobile devices. As these devices continually offer smarter, quicker, and more detailed information with every new release. They will only become even more entangled in our complex culture and drastically influence shoppers during the sales process since they are emerging as must-haves for virtually everyone. Mobile devices are becoming one of the most popular forms of shopping. Social media platforms are always upgrading and improving the user experience enabling them to share like never before. Also, you have to choose the right mobile device for your business.

Closing the Talent Gap

The talent gap has been at the root of unsuccessful marketing campaigns for some time now.  The results end up being improper budget management, the misconception of information and the cost of ads spent on techniques that are outdated. Professionally trained marketers can aid their company’s efforts to rise above the competition by learning new digital skills. Newer, inexperienced marketers can develop their skills by implementing the marketing basics and learn to apply those basic principles in creative ways. We can expect to see more companies find a happy medium between hiring novices and specialists. We also expect to see an increase in digital marketing training for both. To make company budgets work, marketers can fine-tune their skills resulting in the growth of areas such as content curation, information analytics, social media marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, on-site marketing, location targeting and customization.

Influencer Marketing Becoming a Principal Brand Strategy

During this year, brands have come to realize influencer marketing as the newest innovative strategy, but are struggling with how to take advantage of it and use it as a bargaining chip from a business and modeling perspective. Influencers will continue to become the defining voices in strategic marketing, as companies transition from traditional advertising to digital. They will be the underlying factor for consumers when making spending decisions.

Consumers Voice Their Dislike of Intrusive Digital Marketing Tactics

Ad blockers are being used in astounding numbers these days thanks to pop-ups, banner ads, and distracting messages. Today’s internet surfers are put off by brands who bully their way into personal social media feeds. Regardless if it’s Facebook ads, promoted Tweets, or purchased Snapchat stories, consumers aren’t happy. In fact, they have been very vocal about their disdain. As users set out to learn about new products when it’s convenient and practical for them, these feelings of intrusion will continue to grow. These tactics can prove to be detrimental to your brand, as people seem to have no qualms about walking away from sites that participate.

Marketing Automation Can Make Your Campaign Much More Effective

Automation can incorporate a digital marketing strategy by offering a new and innovative experience to users. Many companies have chosen to automate such tasks as social media interaction, emails, and other website actions. The introduction of marketing automation makes all of these tasks much easier and less redundant. Most marketing automation software can be customized to fit your needs, including everything from customer interaction to help finding new prospects.

Videos and Images Are on the Rise

While the text is still very much in demand, visuals and videos have invaded digital marketing. Many websites are using short video clips as a form of advertising. Be on the lookout for new visual platforms to hit the market to complement current ones as consumers gravitate toward original, real-time, visual images.

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