8 Digital Marketing Tools to Personalize Your Customer Engagement

Ever wondered why companies want to collect information about you? From Facebook to Google and Apple, everyone wants to know something about your lifestyle, your interests, your hobbies, your education, your location and many things you do every day. This is not a new concept because companies have been collecting such information for decades. In short, companies want to know everything they can. But why do they do this? Just to send you bulk messages or emails?

Today, companies are leaving their old business tactic of introducing standard products. Brands are choosing a new strategy where personalization rules the business world. It is a key to long-term success. When you know more about your customer, you can come up with solutions they actually want from the market. Once you become a part of their life, they won’t leave you, unless your offerings are of low quality and totally irrelevant.

Regardless of your business size, here are 8 digital marketing tools you can consider to personalize your customer engagement.

8 Digital Marketing Tools :


If you run a website, you must be familiar with web analytics tools. There are many digital marketing tools available to monitor the activities on your website, the most popular one is Google Analytics. Launching a website cannot guarantee business success, but optimizing your website pages can do magic. When you set up analytics for your business website, you can collect a lot of information about your users without annoying them.

Information such as the number of visitors, their location, interests, age, gender, device, and activity on web pages etc. can be pulled out with the help of a tool like Google Analytics. All you need to do is to create an account on Google and insert a tracking code on your website. You can take professional help for the same and start tracking user behavior on your website.

Live Chat

If you’re running a product or service-based business, providing live chat facility to your customers can be a great idea. You never know when a potential customer can land on your website page. Some buyers don’t know much about checking product details as they are not very familiar with your website design. When they don’t find the information they are looking for, they simply close the tab and move on to your competitor’s website to find the answers.

At such moments, if your website helps them chat with your company’s representatives, finding answers become easier for them. With good communication skills, you can increase the conversion rate with a live chat option. It not only adds credibility, but it also helps you keep your visitors on pages for a long time. As a result, your website’s bounce rate goes down.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Many companies have jumped on the AMP bandwagon. If you don’t know what AMP does to your website, here’s what you need to know. AMP is a free, open-source framework for developers. With the help of AMP, you can create mobile-optimized web pages to deliver content quickly. This is one of the greatest ways to attract customers to your website as Google search algorithm has started giving preference to AMP pages in search results.

AMP has plenty of pros, but there are some cons as well. For publishers who generate revenue through advertisements, AMP is not a great tool, but thankfully, you can optimize some of your web pages with AMP and keep the rest untouched. With the fast delivery of content, you can keep your visitors engaged for a long time.

Social media integration

Having those 4-5 social media icons on your website is a good strategy, but it is not effective as it should be. You can keep those social media icons on your website, but think of doing something more. All the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow webmasters to install scripts on their website so that the website visitors can see the company’s social media timeline and live feed directly on the web pages. It is a great way to keep your customers updated by showing them how active your business is on social media channels. It not only gives more exposure to your social media marketing campaigns, but it also encourages people to join you on those platforms.

To elevate social media integration, go beyond the standard feed displays by incorporating advanced tools like scheduling platforms and content curation services. These resources streamline your social media marketing efforts and enhance the overall customer experience. For a deeper understanding of these tools, explore a social media marketing textbook, which can serve as a comprehensive guide to optimizing your digital marketing strategies.

Brand community

In the early days, customers could ask the store manager’s opinion about a certain product before buying. In the digital marketing tools age, that experience is completely changed and customers now rely on reviews and opinions shared by the other customers. If your business allows customers to ask questions, discuss your products and provide answers based on their experiences, people will feel more connected to your brand. They treat you as a reliable source of information where they can get instant responses. Building a successful brand community is not easy, but you can discuss the idea with a digital marketing tools expert to create one for your business.


Automation is one of the digital marketing tools which helps you personalize your digital interactions with customers. It allows you to tailor your newsletters and emails based on specific user needs. Based on their onsite actions, you can create an emotional connection with users through automation. There are many tools available for creating and sending a newsletter to your customers. The Same strategy can be applied to email communications. Automation not only saves your time, it keeps the communication alive even if you are away from your desk. It makes customers realize that they are getting a response from the company and their voice is being heard.

Referrals & rewards

After winning a customer’s trust with your product and service, it’s time to ask them for a favor. Referrals are a great way to spread the word among their group of friends and family members. You can keep your existing customers engaged with rewards while attracting new customers at a very little cost to your company.

Referral and reward programs are effective ways to promote loyalty and keep bringing your customers back. Bringing new customers costs more than retaining the existing ones, but attracting new customers through the existing ones is easy and cost-effective. There are many ways to do so. You can set up an advertising campaign where you can remarket your products to those who visited your website but didn’t make a purchase decision.

Content amplification

The best way to personalize your customer engagement is through high-quality content. But creating content is not enough if you are not distributing it through the right channels. There are many ways to distribute your content. In the digital era, you can boost your content’s visibility by taking help of digital marketing experts. There are many platforms available where you can make your content visible. The best thing is you can set up a campaign according to your budget and target audience to make sure that your ROI remains high.

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