What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

marketing coordinator job

A marketing coordinator is responsible for coordinating the company’s marketing plans and helping to maintain its good position in the market. Marketing coordinators help develop plans and strategies and uses goal-setting to ensure outcomes. They work as the bridge between the marketing management team, employees, vendors, and clients. Their task is to study the market … Read more

4 Strategic Marketing Plan: Advance Tips for a Startup

strategic marketing plan

A strategic marketing plan for startups needs more than financial planning, staff approval, and sales projection. Regardless of the unique business scenario and market conditions, this guide can help you develop a marketing plan which is guaranteed to bring great results if you follow it. Know your customers as soon as possible New business owners … Read more

Top 10 Lead Generation Process: Take Business to the Next Level

lead generation process

Effective lead generation process needs to be focused, mobile-friendly, result-oriented and measurable. All the successful lead generation campaigns look simple as the professionals working behind them craft a compelling brand message and put it at the core of the strategy. Doing this isn’t easy, and it needs careful planning with attention to details. This actionable … Read more