Best Linkedin Competitors & Alternatives 2022


Linkedin is one of the famous employment and business-oriented website operating worldwide. Founded in 2003, the platform has more than 830 million users in 200 countries and territories.  Using Linkedin, businessmen, freelancers, and job seekers can make connections and search for possible clients. Apart from that, Linkedin also offers Linkedin Learning features, using which users … Read more

7 Innovative Advertising Examples that Will Inspire you for Creative Ad Campaign


Advertising can be a catchy jingle, creative tagline, 30-seconds video or simple paper document like brochures. It plays a major role in the promotion and sales of a brand, product and service.  There are plenty of advertisement examples everywhere in different forms, shapes and sizes. Digital marketing experts say that an average person sees 4000-10,000 … Read more

How to Become a Digital Marketing Strategist?

The world is changing. The rapid growth of technology and digital media has a great impact on the changing world. To stand out as best in market, a digital marketing strategist incorporates their skills to make a successful marketing campaign. Digital marketing strategists make strategies and execute them through their analytical skills and research the … Read more

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

marketing coordinator job

A marketing coordinator’s job is to assist the company’s marketing department by taking care of all the promotional activities of the organization. They conduct market research to understand the latest trends, identify the target audience, and execute sponsored campaigns. The roles and responsibilities of a marketing coordinator may vary based on the requirements of the … Read more