Is Computer Software Prepackaged Software A Good Career Path? Let Us Help You to Choose


Do you aspire to become a software developer or software engineer? Are you fond of coding? Do you often wonder is computer software prepackaged software a good career path? To be precise, the salary structure of the software engineers or developers is good. Most importantly, the requirement to hire more software engineers is increasing day-by-day … Read more

Amazon Employment Verification Everything you Need to Know


Are you waiting for the interview result from Amazon? Getting hired at Amazon is a great achievement but very challenging as well. Their hiring process involves a step known as employment verification that makes the candidates worried. During employment verification, the concerned Amazon group verifies the applicant’s previous job titles, salaries, roles, start and end … Read more

Is Commercial Banking A Good Career Path? Facts you Need to Know


The finance sector provides a lot of career opportunities to people who are interested and skilled in it. One of the most promising finance sectors is undoubtedly banking.  Banking can be mainly of three types: investment, retail and commercial.  All of the three banking sectors, especially commercial banking, drive the country’s economy. Commercial banking is … Read more

What is The AOIME? Everything about American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam


AOIME or American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam is a mathematic test competition held each year in the USA. In 2020, Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) and American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) collaborated to support the AOMIE administration. Any math enthusiastic who have or have not qualified AIME I can participate in this examination. The top-scoring students … Read more