13 Ways to Build Website Credibility for Your Business

Ask yourself a question – ‘Why do you trust only a few websites for consuming information, buying products or services?’ The reason is very simple – credibility. You find the company trustworthy enough for several reasons. It can be the UI of a website, quality of content, people running the company, or your experience with their product and services. There are many ways to become successful online. The most important factor is credibility. If people trust you, they won’t mind becoming a loyal fan as long as you are bringing them value. Read on to learn new ways to build website credibility for your business.

Build Website Credibility

Website Design

You can’t stop people who judge a book by its cover, and the same goes with websites. Many small business owners and bloggers try to design their websites even when they are not professional designers. With tools like Wix, Blogger, and WordPress, designing a website becomes easier, but if you’re not an expert, it sucks. As humans, we’re psychologically programmed to trust beauty. So pay attention to your website design.

Organic Appearance

Let’s say you are looking for an interior decorator in your area. With a keyword rightly placed in the Google search bar, you can get many suggestions in the search results. Based on who appears in the top positions and which webpage contains the most relevant meta title and description, you will land on a website. Google is accountable for around 90 percent of the web searches performed worldwide. Try to increase your organic reach with search engine optimization (SEO), online reviews, and testimonials.


Having a portfolio or case studies of your work helps you show off your expertise. It not only adds credibility to your business but also helps you stand out. If you are linked to some reputed organization, tell the world that you’ve worked for such people. A portfolio showcases your experience, and it is beyond marketing pitches. If your work reflects the core value of your business, people will trust your brand.

Concern for Safety

Prove that your website is safe for all kind of transactions. People don’t feel safe when a business can’t even provide a secure way to make payments. If people share their personal information with you, keeping that information safe is your responsibility. If you rent it, sell it or share it, you are not going to build credibility. Instead, you will be inviting some legal trouble for your business. SSL certificates, safety seal or any other safety measures let your customers know that your business cares about them.

Up-To-Date Content

The web doesn’t forget what you published a year ago, and it will remain available unless you modify or delete it. Updated information on your website not only builds credibility, but it shows people how much you care about current content. Once you become a trustworthy source of information, people start relying on your business for the latest information about the industry and whatever helps them in educating themselves. You must focus on easy navigation so that people can easily find the latest content published on your website. This way website credibility becomes unique.

Clear Policy Details

In every business, there’s a set of rules companies want their customers to follow. From using cookies to product purchase, order cancellation, and return policies, everything must be displayed on the website. If you are a brick mortar store owner, you can’t tell everyone about your policies until they proactively ask. To add credibility, you must give them a clear idea of how you process orders, how much time it can take and what are the options available for those who are not satisfied.

Contact Information

Small businesses and startups often want to hide their contact details. Most of them just highlight some email addresses on their web pages with contact forms. It’s easy to raise or track queries or complaints on email, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should keep your contact information hidden. Accurate address and other contact details such as phone numbers, fax and a map on the contact page can help you build trust and credibility. Believe it or not but a company with no contact details looks very suspicious to work with. Unless you have a hidden agenda behind your marketing campaigns, publishing contact details online is always advisable.

Website Performance

Website users won’t appreciate glitches in your online system. If your website runs slow, ask your webmaster to make the necessary changes. There are many reasons for slow website speed. Some of them are your hosting plan, faulty plugins, poor coding of pages, etc. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, small to large screens and different browsers, you must get it fixed. Website maintenance should be a part of your routine. If you are not familiar with programming, seek professional help from a reputed web design service provider. Websites that load faster and work without glitches never fail to attract users.


Internet users are brilliant. People make a thoughtful decision online, and when it comes to buying something from a web-based business, they are more careful about their purchase decision. Adding testimonials and reviews on the website can help you earn their trust. Make sure that all the testimonials are placed strategically, and you’re putting them on multiple pages where users tend to pay more attention to what others say about the product. Genuine reviews and testimonials are great ways to build credibility with your website.


Content is a great way to give personalized experience to website users, but if you have the luxury to make technical changes on the website, you can take personalization to the next level. It is not about making your website look like a Christmas tree, but adding some colors, pop-up notifications and web pages dedicated to some specific events or deals are creative ways to engage people. The more your website can keep users engaged; the more time users will spend with you and get to know you. An audit of your competitor’s website can help you identify the gaps. So, if you feel that customers are facing some problem on a competitor’s website, you can fill that gap by adding some features to your website and highlight the same to make your website credibility good.

Business Background

People want to know about the history of a company they are doing business with. Adding an about us page with details about the company background can do magic. Don’t make it dull and boring. Instead, you can let people know about your journey, your work process and how you do things that make the process faster, more efficient and quick. You can also talk about the quality parameters, and if possible, you can introduce your team members as well. When we know a company and people behind the product, we get a feeling of confidence and trust. It makes people believe that the business is not hiding anything from them and sharing everything. Having such information on the website encourages people to ask questions and feel comfortable with the brand and push its website credibility high.

Response Interval

If a customer sends you an email or raises a complaint or query, let them know how much time you will need to provide an answer or a solution. Communication gap kills relationships, and the same thing happens when customers start feeling that nobody listens to their requests. A quick response can be a great reason to do business with your company. So, always make sure responding to the queries as soon as possible. If your team is not available 24×7, try using tools like autoresponder to inform people that you’ve received their email and they can expect an answer from you after some time makes your website credibility more perfect.

Solve Problems

Most of the websites today focus on sales. It is true that no business can survive without sales, but don’t make your content push people. People will buy only when their problems are solved. If your content, product information, and website layout successfully solve their problems, they will make a purchase decision. Learn from your customers because they are the greatest sources to learn in which direction your business is going through this website credibility ways.

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