21 Best Business Ideas for Women who don’t Want to be Just Housewives

Women in the 21st century are stepping up to the world’s stage. We see a lot of female professionals who have managed to combine family and work very well. In this age and time, a lot of women are becoming empowered, and the traditional concept of a stay-at-home housewife is dying. We now have a set of women who have decided to break from this norm to own or partake in businesses.

There are a host of business ideas to select from. To help your decision process, find out what you like, and what you are good at. This article will expose you to various business ideas for women who do not want to be housewives. You surely will be able to get an idea or two.

1. Blogging

This is by far the most popular of all business ideas available for women. Blogging is quite easy and simple. Nothing other than timely and useful information, and a good internet connection is needed. The cost of starting the business is quite low, considering we use the tools (computers) of the job every day. There are a lot of topics to write on, so don’t be afraid of being constrained.

The best advantage of this idea is that you can work at any time and place. Blogging is a very simple job and something you should consider if you like gathering and disseminating information.

2. Freelance Writing

You have probably heard of the top freelance sites around. There are few people with good technical skills in writing. A lot of companies and businesses need freelancers to write captivating business pages, website content or just general articles for them. Freelance writing is very flexible, so you need not worry about issues of the time. You can decide to write about articles that you can relate to or write about researched topics.

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3. Life Coach

Has the thought of passing on information intrigued you? Or perhaps you have a passion for guiding people to making the right decisions. Life coaching is a good business to get into. It is customer specific and requires little to no technical knowledge. Life coaching is also a very lucrative business, and a lot of young women are looking for mentors.

4. Catering

Can you cook well? Then catering may be the job for you. Good food will lead to good business, and eventually lots of profit. With very little capital, you can start the catering business and let your good work speak for itself. You will have to decide whether a large scale or small scale catering is what you want to venture in. There would also be a fixed cost of all the equipment you will be using as well as the rent on the place you will be staying.

5. Day-care Services

If you are great with children and have the time, then you should consider daycare services. Little skills are required, so there’s nothing to be scared of. You will get to hang around children for a long time. However, you wouldn’t want to have too many children to take care of. You would also have to decide some ground rules like the age of children to be accepted (whether to run a crèche or not), the location for the day-care, the time of drop off and the activities that would be carried out in the day-care.

6. Consulting

Consulting requires a heavy dose of technical skills, so you have got to be well informed. You can become a consultant for various companies on decisions that they make. Even if you don’t have all the technical skills yet, taking a few courses will be of help. Within no time, you should be able to be a top-notch consultant.

For example, you can work as a consultant for a fashion designing firm, and help them out with a few decisions.

7. Online Tutoring [Online Business Ideas for Women]

Are you an expert in a specific area or you’re knowledgeable in a particular subject? Then you can set up an online tutoring service. Online tutoring is quite convenient and pays well. Just by creating a course on sites like udemy and coursera, you can start online tutorials easily. There are lots of students that require additional tutoring which you can provide. Online classes can also be held. A lot of apps like Youtube allow for the monetization of these classes easily.

8. School Running Activities [Business Ideas for Housewives]

This is a very profitable business for women who do not want to be housewives. A lot of parents do not have time to carry out some school activities. By identifying this need, you can set up a business that will bring back significant returns. The most common school run is the transportation of children. You could set up a bus transportation service that will drop off and pick up children from school for example.

9. Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is in search of capable women with an exotic sense of style. If you are fashionable, you can help those who do not have time to search or make fashion decisions. There are also various agencies that are looking for creative women to design new clothes for them. Also, you can be of help to other women who need quality clothes and designs. Fashion designing requires no skill but a desire to know as well as creativity. You do not have to be able to sow the clothes yourself. That could be outsourced to a professional tailor.

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10. Drop-Shipping

This is a good business idea for women. You will be acting as the middle man to a business. It entails having an online shop where customers purchase goods. Your job will then will be to buy it from the seller and deliver it to the customers. Dropshipping is a very tasking business, but the returns over time are quite high. It is the business that links the producers to the customers.

11. Book-keeping

Most businesses need to record the activities they engage in and the resources they have. You can offer booking-keeping services as a full-time job or as a freelancer. With whatever option you choose, book-keeping is a very convenient way of making money. With a few lessons from the internet, you will be able to handle the book-keeping problems of most companies.

12. Copywriting

With the invent of new technology, the internet is the best place to advertise goods and services. Copywriting entails writing a good article for a company on a product or service needed. Copywriting is a profitable idea for female entrepreneurs and is very flexible. It is advisable to write for companies and products that you are quite informed about.

13. Event Planning

Have you planned a great event before? Why not use that skill to create a business for yourself? Event planning is an under-looked and underrated service that more women are venturing into nowadays. You must be very resourceful to provide the quality that the customer desires. You can decide to handle just a particular type of event and offer freelancing services. An event planner will typically not need to have an office. For example, there are event planners for weddings, birthdays, parties among many others.

14. Rental Business

People need a lot of resources for events, and they do not have the funds to buy them. The next thing to do is to outsource these resources. Owning a rental business allows you to make quite a lot while still having enough time at your disposal. Equipment like chairs, tables, canopies can be part of your rental business. The rental business is very lucrative but an office where the items to be rent is kept is needed. The cost of starting up a rental business is quite high because of the materials that need to be purchased. At the early stages, adequate supervision of the business is needed.

15. Affiliate Marketing

The world is going digital in its marketing. Companies have noticed that a whole lot of customers can be gotten from the online market space. Becoming an affiliate marketer would entail you promote a company’s product or service to others. Affiliate marketing is a very convenient business to engage in and working as a freelancer is better. With the growing number of female products out there, the need for female affiliate marketers who understand these products and their uses is exceptionally high.

16. Interior Designing

There are too many people who the interior of their offices and homes are not appealing. If you are a woman with a good taste of design, you can use this idea to start up a business. However, you will need to be resourceful and have a team of capable people. With increasing demand and expertise, you will eventually not need to be always at the front of activities that are carried out.

17. Agricultural Businesses

Women can also venture into agriculture. Agriculture as a business will entail a huge initial cost of the land to be cultivated or animals to be reared. You can work as a supervisor to only check the sales and profits of the business. Large portions of land are also required to carry out this kind of business. Such businesses include livestock breeding, crop cultivation, etc.

18. Information Marketing

Too many people go through search engines for information that they eventually do not get. It is a tiring and exhausting process. That sparks information marketing. Perhaps you know how to sow or cater or cook very well? Then information marketing is the business for you. It entails providing information on the particular area or field that you are knowledgeable about. Information marketing may be in forms of tutorial videos, or documents on a popular website. With either, information marketing is the business for people who have experience or knowledge in solving problems.

19. Social Media Consulting

Most companies understand that keeping a good relationship with customers is the way to go to make them patronize the business. That is why they are willing to hire a social media expert to handle their accounts for them. As a woman who wishes to start a business, you can freelance as a social media consultant for some companies and manage their customer-company relationship. Social media consulting is not tasking as social media updating, and commenting has become a routine for most people.

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20. Make-Up Services

As a woman, you will most likely be familiar with how to use makeup well. The truth, however, is that not all women know how to do this. With a high number of events that people have to go for, many women will need to have the perfect makeup. Offering this service brings back a lot of returns to you. The initial cost is only for the tools and makeup to be used which over time will be covered by the profit realized.

21. Translator and Transcription

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Do you know how to transcribe quickly? This is another good way to work as a woman. There are lots of transcription and translation jobs that are available, but only a few people are willing and able to work. It’s time to make that language skill work for you! You can work as a freelancer or start up your own business in transcription and translation. Many students needed transcriptions of work, and you can be resourceful to them. You will find a host of transcription and translation jobs in freelancing apps like Fiverr and Freelancer.

The Bottom Line

If you do not want to be a housewife, you need to find various ways to start or engage in some business or the other. Many women are doing so and making a lot of money in the comfort of their homes. We have provided 21 business ideas with which you can use to start the business of your choice. We have done our part and now it is up to you to pick up one of these ideas and make money off it!

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  1. Awesome article Ethan! I really like the make-up service idea. Though, fashion designing is not a bad idea. But I’d prefer make-up service as it is a little bit hustle free. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I have tried to cover some most comfortable business ideas for women. So they don’t have to face difficulties after being a housewife. I am overwhelmed that you like one of them. I do believe in women empowerment.


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