Amazon Employment Verification Everything you Need to Know

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Are you waiting for the interview result from Amazon? Getting hired at Amazon is a great achievement but very challenging as well. Their hiring process involves a step known as employment verification that makes the candidates worried.

During employment verification, the concerned Amazon group verifies the applicant’s previous job titles, salaries, roles, start and end dates. However, Amazon never discloses how they conduct this verification process.

So, if you’re also curious about what happens at Amazon employment verification, we’ve covered everything in this guide.

What is Amazon Employment Verification?

what is amazon employment verification

Amazon employment verification is an important part of the hiring system where the employers check candidates’ employment history. The company confirms the given information by the candidate is true. It’s basically nothing but a background check about the previous employment.

But the employment verification process is completely restricted since they want to hire the best asset. The employment verification team at Amazon strictly follows a systematic framework while checking the applicant’s background.

What Is The Amazon Employment Verification Process [Explained]

amzon employment verification process

The best part of Amazon is it offers a friendly workplace atmosphere. You will never feel like a workplace because of its progressive and fresh management. 

On the other hand, Amazon is literally strict when it comes to verifying employee background. So, make sure that you’ve provided true information about your past employment record to secure a permanent position.   

Let’s explain the Amazon employment verification process in detail.

1.    You’ll receive an email about the employment verification from Amazon, usually after one week of the selection in the final round. They will ask for soft copies of all documents regarding your previous jobs. The documents include appointment letters, release/termination letter, last 3 months’ payslips from the last company and your photo ID.

2.    The verification team will run a background check along with the referral check if you’ve applied through any reference. Amazon utilizes a third-party employment confirmation company called “The Work Number” to conduct employment checking.

3.    After that, HR will communicate with you to sign some mandatory documents, like tax documents, employee agreements, offer letters etc.

4. The employment verification process will be finished within one month of joining Amazon. But keep in mind, if the company becomes suspicious about any information, your application will be terminated immediately.

What is the Amazon Employment Verification Phone Number?

phone number amazon emplyment verification

The Amazon employment verification phone number is 1-800-367-5690. It’s popularly known as Amazon Work Number. Here you can call anytime or send emails at [email protected]. The Amazon employment verification number is available 24*7, and they can solve all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify employment at Amazon?

If you want to verify employment at Amazon, call their Work Number helpline at 1-800-367-5690. They can tell you whether your employment documents have been verified or not.

How does Amazon verify previous employment?

The Amazon group of companies verifies previous employment by utilizing a web system called E-Verify. Here the employer determines the applicant’s eligibility for the job in the US by verifying the information given by him/her on the employee’s form I-9.

What is an Amazon blue badge?

If you get an Amazon blue badge, it means you’re a full-time employee at Amazon.
If you’re an incoming associate, you’ll be given the tire 1 position. You must strictly follow the company’s rules and regulations to move towards the upper position.


Employment verification is all about a security check before hiring a new candidate. They do it to get the best and most reliable employees in their company.

Hopefully, now you’ve got a clear idea about employment verification at Amazon and their verification phone number. So, if you’re planning to apply at Amazon, go through the article carefully and proceed.

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