7 Innovative Advertising Examples that Will Inspire you for Creative Ad Campaign

Advertising can be a catchy jingle, creative tagline, 30-seconds video or simple paper document like brochures. It plays a major role in the promotion and sales of a brand, product and service. 

There are plenty of advertisement examples everywhere in different forms, shapes and sizes. Digital marketing experts say that an average person sees 4000-10,000 ads per day. Significantly, it’s a great way to deliver the concept and reach potential customers. 

But you should know the advertisement types and their importance before creating any. So, here you’ll learn everything about advertising and some of its best examples.

What is Advertisement?

Advertisement is a paid announcement in public to promote a service, product, brand or event in order to attract customers and increase sales.

Basically, it’s a one-way marketing communication where brands inform people about products/services or influence them to buy, do or try something.

Advertising messages can come in verbal, written or visual form in different media. For example, you can find non-personal ads in the newspaper, magazines, TV and radio. In contrast, non-personalized ads are mostly shown on social media.

Before you start you must aware of basic marketing principles that will help you to grow in your industry.

Importance and Advantages of Advertisements

Marketing is very important for all kinds of businesses. So, advertisements have become essential for small to large businesses to stand out among competitors and inspire people to buy their products. Similarly, advertising plays an essential role among customers also in different aspects.

Let’s find out.

For the Business:

  • A creative advertisement helps to launch a new product/service and increase sales in businesses.
  • Creates product or service awareness among the public so they can try or buy it.
  • Builds up or modifies the brand image in the market.
  • Establishes direct communication between the business and customers.
  • Creates goodwill about the company and eventually gains consumers’ loyalty.
  • Reminds the existing customers about their services through successful ad campaigns and attracts new customers.
  • Helps to understand the competitors, distinguish one brand’s products from another and convey the advantages to the customers.

For the Customers:

  • Informative advertisements help the customers to make the purchase decision according to their needs and budget.
  • Additionally, the customers can compare a product’s features, price range and quality with a similar one available in the market.

For the Society:

  • Advertising educates society about various serious issues, such as environmental degradation, liquor consumption, child labor, etc.

Different Types of Advertisements and Examples

Here are the six types of advertisements, along with some of the best advertising examples:

1. Print Advertisement

These are printed advertisements on a hard copy likely to be read by the public like in magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, journals etc.

The examples of a print advertisement are:

  • “Save the Penguins” by SANCCOB. They created the art of optical illusion to show the rapid decline of African penguins.
  • “Think Small” by Volkswagen by Doyle Dane & Bernbach (DDB) in 1960. The motive was to inspire Americans to buy small cars instead of big ones.

2. Television Advertisement

First broadcasted in 1940, televisions ads are still an effective way of introducing new/existing products. Here, the advertisers pay the local or national television networks to show their ads during breaks in the programs.

Here are the two famous TV advertisement examples:

  • “Just Do It” by Nike to generate fitness awareness among people featuring professional and amateur athletes. 
  • “Like a Girl” by Always during Superbowl in 2015 became a hit. It depicts that girls are also capable and fit to play sports like boys.

3. Radio Advertisement

Radio advertising was started back in 1920 in the US. It helps to increase brand image and reach the targeted audience. Here, the sponsors pay the radio channels to play their ads during breaks between radios shows.

For example, 

  • “Dumb Ways to Die”, a popular radio song ad (2012) by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, received 157 million views on YouTube. The main objective was to warn people not to horse around the train lines.
  • The ESPN Radio Show Mike & Mike to listen to commercials real-time, known as live read.

4. Digital Advertisement

Such advertisements are made for the internet and digital devices in text, image, video or emails. You can see digital ads while browsing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc., based on your preferences.

Common digital advertising examples are:

  • Search engine ads in the Google result.
  • Small 10-seconds ads on Spotify in between the songs.

As more and more people use phones and gadgets, digital advertising shows excellent potential. You can partner with a reliable PPC advertising company to begin tailor-fitting a campaign to your business goals.

5. Outdoor Advertisement

This type of advertisements you’ll find in the banner, hoardings, flags, billboards, wraps, transit etc. 

Examples of outdoor advertisements are:

  • The giant Coca-Cola billboard in San Fransisco.
  • McDonald’s shining billboard ad to tell that it’s opened for night services or different retails ads at malls.

6. Brand/Product Integration

This type of ad is seen as product placements at entertainment media like TV shows, films, YouTube videos, etc. It’s expensive to place such ads but highly effective.

Some genius product placement advertisements in movies are:

  • The famous coffee giant Starbucks as a product placement in the movie Fightclub (2004).
  • Audi in the Iron Man Trilogy where the lead character Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) was driving the Audi car.

7 Innovative Brand Advertisement Examples

Hopefully, you’ve understood the important advantages of advertisements for your company’s growth. Here we’ve listed some finest advertisement examples that can motivate you to create a classic and unique ad for your campaign.

1. BBC: Dracula Billboard

In 2019, many people of the UK got attracted by a unique billboard campaign of BBC for their show Dracula. The team set up billboards decorated with severals streaks stabbed across the United Kingdom. 

In the daytime, people saw billboards stabbed with streaks. But at night, after lights turned on, the shadow of those streaks recreated the face of a blood-thirsty Dracula. Thus BBC fascinated many people about their Dracula show through the creative marketing strategy. 

2. Nike: Just do it

Just do it slogan is the core element of the brand Nike. Dan Wieden, the co-founder of the Wieden+kennedy, proposed the slogan in an agency meeting in 1988. The company included athletes associated with different sports like basketball, football and many more within this advertisement. 

The slogan became very popular and influenced many people to step forward towards their dream. As a result, the company increased the North American domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43% between 1988 to 1998. It proves that Nike attracted millions of people by using this tagline.

3. Apple: Think different

The famous company Apple used the slogan Think different from 1997 to 2002 to promote their business. The company started to launch its products under this tagline. It got a huge positive response from the common people and IBM. 

The slogan worked well to catch the attention of people around the world. As a result, countries like India, France, Australia etc., begin to use Apple devices. Also, the company integrated this tagline in posters, billboards and magazines to engage more people with their brand. 

4. DeBeers: A Diamond is Forever

DeBeers is a famous ornament company especially known for selling diamond jewelry. The company started to use the tagline “A Diamond is Forever” to celebrate ever-lasting bonds such as marriages, friendships, love, family and more.

This simple message of love and compassion revolutionized the diamond industry. It evokes the desire of people towards diamond engagement rings and ornaments. The marketing strategy connected both love and Diamond in a row, which helped increase the company’s popularity. 

5. Always: Like a Girl

Always is one of the most innovative advertisements that went viral a few years ago on social media. The primary motive of this ad was to inspire young women and increase their confidence. 

The tagline Like a Girl helped many women to embrace themselves without any male comparison. This commercial made the girls believe in their own strength and motivated them to conquer the boundaries.  With this unique advertisement, the company achieved huge popularity.

6. Cadbury Silk: ‘Kiss me’ jingle

Another commercial that won million hearts is the “Kiss me” jingle of Cadbury silk. The company has focused on the tradition of gifting chocolates among couples in this advertisement. They broadcasted the ad for Valentine’s day and soon became popular.

The main motive of this ad was to highlight the sweet bonding between couples and celebrate love during Valentine’s Day.

7. KFC

KFC is the second-largest fast-food restaurant in America that specializes in fried chicken. The company used the finger lickin’ good slogan for the promotion.  Apart from that, they target the people by chiefly showing their food products. 

Alternatively, the vibrant red color of KFC has a long-lasting effect on people’s minds. The design of their advertisement and set up of their restaurants evoke customers to try their recipe. 

The company always focuses on food products to promote the brand. They used visually large images of food items in the commercials, which proves the finger lickin’ good quality and increases appetite. 

These are some creative advertisements examples for creating ads for a brand/product/event. Make sure that the audience gets the correct message and takes an interest in your service.

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