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4 Secrets to Building a Successful Business on Instagram

Business on InstagramWith over 800 million monthly active users, more than 500 million daily active users, and 300 million Instagram Stories users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. When it comes to driving success through Instagram, many people look for Instagram marketing tips and secrets. In reality, there are only four strategies businesses should believe in.

Here are the four Instagram secrets to build a successful business.

Give Before You Ask

Don’t turn yourself into an Instagram spambot when you hear about creating content. Unfortunately, most of the businesses copy ideas of others, modify it and start publishing. Getting paused or banned by Instagram is common when you start sending copied messages. Spamming random accounts on Instagram doesn’t bring any value to the customers. So, you must understand how your business can bring them what they actually need.

You can, in fact, DM Amber Rose, David Beckham, Ellen DeGeneres right now, but if you don’t know what the person actually needs, your efforts will never bring results you want to see. Prepare something that is very important then send the DM.

The Secret: Your value proposition is how your business can help solve a problem your target audience is currently experiencing or have no idea about.


Ask any webmaster and you will realize how hard it is to build direct organic traffic. Same goes for social media platforms. Your content should not remain stuck on a single platform. A large number of Instagram followers may not buy from you on their first visit and same goes with your website. Conversion rates can reveal where your audience is stuck on their buying journey. So, if you could make your Instagram account visible in many places, do that because it will help the visitors follow you and interact with your brand. There are many widgets and tools available for integration. Check with your website developer or take professional help to integrate such widgets and tools in your website.

After your website, take your Instagram profile details to Facebook, Twitter, and other available platforms. Sharing Instagram stories on other social media channels can be helpful in getting more engagement. So never forget to promote your content on the other places and give exposure to your Instagram account as much as possible.

The Secret: Best of all, when you cross-promote your Instagram posts and account on different channels, it gives you more exposure.

The Power of Hashtags

High-quality content wins when it is distributed well. Hashtags are very important elements of Instagram posts. You can tell a story with captions, but to help your story reach the people outside your group of followers, use of hashtags is crucial. The term came from Twitter trends but the use of hashtags is widely popular on many social media platforms. When people search hashtags, you should make sure that your posts should show up.

The biggest challenge is which hashtags to use. If you don’t know what to type after the ‘#’ sign, use popular hashtags such as #TBT, #Love, #Follow, #Insta etc. Such keywords have the best chances of getting searched online. Using popular hashtags is a good idea, but this strategy has a drawback. Many people use the same hashtag at the same time and your posts may get buried soon. Just like how smart webmasters use a mixture of keywords in content, use less popular hashtags which are highly relevant. This strategy will drive fewer users to your post, but remember that relevancy results in higher conversion rate.

The Secret: Whichever Instagram strategy you like, never post anything without a hashtag unless it is required. You should try to use at least one hashtag per post. There’s no limitation on the number of hashtags as long as it doesn’t make your post look awkward.

Do what people love on Instagram

People love to be followed back on Instagram and they also want loyal followers like how you want. Follow the right people and try to comment on their posts instead of giving a ‘Like’ to everyone. Don’t turn yourself into a bot, but whenever you feel like writing a comment on someone’s post, do it as long as you’re keeping it entertaining and engaging.

Check ‘Find friends’ option and follow people you know. You can also find and follow influencers in your industry. To find the most suitable accounts (your target audience, influencers, potential customers etc.), use industry-relevant hashtags in the search bar.

The Instagram secrets and strategies above may have given you the idea to start making a successful business on Instagram. Instagram is a big platform and there are many ways businesses can use it to promote and sell their products. There are many ways to invest in the platform. For example, you can invest your time and efforts to create, publish and distribute content. You can shell out some dollars for advertising on Instagram, but make sure that your campaign is well-planned. Without an effective strategy, online advertising can turn out to be a disaster for your business and finance. Instagram holds a lot of value for advertisers, regardless of their business niche.

It is true that without a solid follower base, whatever you do on Instagram is fruitless. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Remember that when you publish quality content, quantity doesn’t matter. It’s all about being regular on Instagram with eye-catching content. Perform an Instagram account audit and keep the most relevant posts on your profile.

The Secret: Posts with relevant caption and hashtags are attractive and people tend to follow accounts that publish relevant, planned posts. You can ask questions to increase engagement, but most importantly, focus on personalization.

Bottom Line

Even when your communication with your audience is on a virtual platform, don’t forget that you are seeking the attention of humans and not search engines or any other tool. So communicate properly and whenever you feel like using automated tools, try to maintain a balance as much as you can. The case studies of successful brands might encourage you to start using Instagram. So, if you are not sure about setting up campaigns or have some doubts, ask a professional to help you learn and set up your first Instagram marketing campaign.

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Written byEthan Perkins