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The Top 20 Tips to Boost Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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An effective YouTube marketing strategy is about the creation, publishing, distribution, and measurement of unique content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a promotional message for your customers but it should always help you in building your authority in your industry. We have analyzed many brands and here are 20 tips on developing a YouTube marketing strategy that can help you become a better marketer on YouTube. 

A few practical tips to YouTube Marketing Strategy

Pick a niche

Starting a YouTube channel is a fun process. Signing up on Google, linking the same account to YouTube, choosing a name for your channel, and waiting for the servers to upload your videos online, everything is exciting. But many people lose interest soon after uploading a few videos, so it’s really important that you choose the right niche you are interested in. Pick a topic you like reading and learning about. This is the first and one of the most important factors you should consider when planning your YouTube marketing strategy.

Know your chances of income

If you’re planning to earn money from your YouTube channel, make sure choosing a profitable area. It’s important for your YouTube marketing strategy because at the end of the day, even if you’re not planning to make your channel the only source of your income, it’s better if you could earn something for the time and energy you’ll put into content creation and publishing. It will not only keep you motivated, but it will also help you make better content.

Market research

No matter if your YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers or none at all, never stop checking the trends. The digital world is full of uncertainties so make sure that you’re equipped with the latest and most relevant updates. For instance, let’s say kayaking is your hobby and you want to start a YouTube channel in that particular niche. Now if you want to know how big the audience is, check current trends. Search the keyword “kayaking” in YouTube search and also in Google Trends and check how many people are interested in that topic.

Avoid direct promotion

We all hate it when the on-screen couple we adore starts talking about some random brand and we clearly know that they are just promoting a product. The most important rule of a successful YouTube marketing strategy is – avoid any kind of direct promotion. This is not 2008, so stop telling people to subscribe, follow you or write comments in the comments section. If they want to, they will. Or better write some unique call to action statements.

No matter if it is self-promotion or a product endorsement, direct promotion is not healthy for your channel. Even if you don’t realize this today, you will do, someday. Make sure that your videos have great content because that’s what people want.

Killing it on YouTube with SEO

Use Long Tail Keywords

Think about some long tail keyword phrases you believe your audience may possibly type to find content similar to what you upload. Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you find long tail keywords. You can take help of a professional SEO service provider that can help you choose the best keywords.

Additionally, you can also perform a quick research on Google Search. Just type a relevant keyword and scroll down to the end of the search result. You will see Keyword suggestions, click each of them and see if you can use any of them for your YouTube video’s description or title.

Think beyond YouTube

You can take your videos outside of the YouTube website and you must. For SEO benefits, it’s important to utilize as many sources as possible to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Embed your YouTube videos on your website pages, blog posts, answers or comments on social media platforms such as Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Embed the YouTube Widget on your website to gain more exposure for your channel. User acquisition should be a part of your YouTube marketing strategy from the beginning.

Use your email subscribers list

If you’re managing a website or if you have a good number of email subscribers, put the YouTube video URLs in your email and request your audience to check them. It will not only help you get more views for your videos, you will also be able to get more subscribers through this strategy. Keep in mind that the videos you are sharing with your email subscribers should be relevant to the subject of your email.

Focus on keyword optimization

Search engines have started placing videos in search results on both mobile and PC platforms. So start sharing and uploading your videos on as many channels as possible. To appear in the “top videos” section on the search result page, consider keyword optimization. In order to get organic or free views, pick the right keywords and ensure strategic placement of keywords.

Catch more attention with the following tips

Keep your intro short but don’t rush

Your YouTube video intro should be dynamic. Don’t assume that people know everything you are going to talk about or they are watching your videos just to get all the major information. Many YouTubers skip the intro part and spend more time in begging for likes or in boastful talks. Your intro should help your audience understand what they are going to watch. Even when your title says it all, you should explain the topic properly instead of keeping them guessing.

Arrange your videos in playlists

If you are just starting your YouTube channel, one of the most import things you should know from the beginning is – your audience will love it if your videos are arranged properly on your channel. It’s not just about creating a playlist and putting all the relevant videos in different sections, make sure that the titles are readable and anyone can understand what they are going to get in a playlist.

Choose a proper title

Just have a look at the MIT OpenCourseWare YouTube channel. It’s a great source of learning with more than a million subscribers. What’s annoying about their playlist is that their playlist titles are ambiguous. Unless you are a student and know what those course codes refer to, it’s hard to understand by simply looking at their playlists. These courses are extremely helpful even for casual learners, but the way their playlists are named can turn anyone away. So, always keep your titles, descriptions and any additional text relevant and clear.

Follow a brand design strategy

From cover picture to profile picture and trailer video, try to create a unique and uniform identity for your YouTube channel. If you’re advertising on someone else’s channel, make sure that they are paying attention to these details. Your ads should also have a unique presentation style.

If you’re a business, use your logo, if you’re an individual YouTuber, use a headshot photo on your YouTube profile. Make sure that you’re following the same design strategy across all your channels, websites, blogs, and social media accounts. It will help users recognize you among all.

Marketing your YouTube channel

Become a problem solver

Do you solve a problem or do you help people get answers? If you do it through videos, you can easily start promoting your content on Quora and other Q&A websites. You don’t have to push your videos everywhere because most of the people on Quora and similar platforms prefer reading the text. But with high-quality content, you can encourage people to watch videos because there are people who appreciate visual representation of complex things.

If you’re good at these things, don’t miss the chance.

Use social media platforms

Your YouTube marketing strategy must include a social media marketing plan for success. Market your YouTube channel on your website, blogs and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you are writing a blog on a relevant topic, make sure adding your video when you publish it.

You can also publish a separate blog about the same title as your video. You can embed the video in the post and below the video, you can add a transcript. It will not only help you in search rankings but in that way, you can increase your channel’s visibility.

Collaborate with other companies

If possible, try to collaborate with other YouTube channel owners. You don’t necessarily have to stay in your niche because if you can create engaging content and can convert each other’s audience into your subscribers or customers, there’s no harm in collaborating with other popular YouTubers. Think about the type of content that can work for you. Any such collaboration should be focused more on engagement and less on sales.

Know your audience well

Your audience needs something and this group of people you call your subscribers express it many times when they write comments or write emails to you. Pay attention to their needs. There’s nothing more important than the people who follow your content and take interest in your videos. These people can take your brand message to others because they are in massive numbers and they don’t hesitate in sharing content if it’s meaningful and relevant.

Start measuring success

Set clear goals

You have put a lot of time into your YouTube channel and you want to make sure that your YouTube marketing strategy is the best. In order to achieve success, the first step is defining it. When you know what success looks like, you will be able to set clear goals and plan your content accordingly. Without a plan, your YouTube channel won’t grow and you will never be able to judge if it’s working or not. Set clear goals for subscribers, views, videos, content quality and frequency.

Learn to understand graphs

YouTube Analytics may look complex to you but those graphs and numbers can help you learn a lot. Learn to understand the metrics and you will be able to optimize your YouTube marketing strategy in effective ways. It’s obvious that people find it confusing, but on the other side, if you don’t pay attention to these things, you will keep wondering why your videos are not getting any views.

Pay attention to reports

Reports help you learn how people are responding to your content. It is a great way to know from which places and sources they are coming and how much time they are spending on your content. Consumer behavior plays a major role in determining how your YouTube channel is performing, so make sure you regularly check reports. Even if your YouTube marketing strategy is planned by professionals, there’s no harm in checking reports.

Over to you

Soon after planning your YouTube marketing strategy for the next campaign, start putting your plans into actions. Publish exceptional content that helps people, educates them and helps you stand out. Keep a schedule and post regularly. Keep in mind that your channel will take time to grow from zero to hundreds of subscribers. Just be patient and you will see the result of your efforts and hard work.

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