What is The AOIME? Everything about American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam


AOIME or American Online Invitational Mathematical Exam is a mathematic test competition held each year in the USA. In 2020, Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) and American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) collaborated to support the AOMIE administration. Any math enthusiastic who have or have not qualified AIME I can participate in this examination. The top-scoring students … Read more

Safecoin Price Prediction – Is it Worth to Invest?


The cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, is changing the way people do business. Moreover, it is also helping people to have fast and seamless global transactions, although there are some risks involved. On the other hand, SafeCoin is nothing but a de-centralized Cryptocoin or Cryptocurrency that is completely free from blockchain technology and … Read more

Bookkeeping For Small Business Owners Hidden Secrets Medium Matt Oliver


Business accounting is the heart of any organization because, without proper accounting, it is not possible for a business to determine whether it is making a profit or not. Large companies generally have their own financial or accounting department, so the professionals over there take care of the accounting staff. However, a small or medium … Read more

How To Setup a Server For A Small Business


Is your small business expanding? As the business scales up, you take more personnel or employees. Eventually, you’ll need a server to save files securely and run the business and office network smoothly. However, it can be daunting to set up a dedicated on-premises server. The endless choice of servers, hardware or software, can confuse … Read more