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We welcome guest bloggers, independent writers, entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, SEO professionals, sales and marketing specialists to express, share and discuss ideas through attractive, informative, easy-to-read blog posts.

If you want to write for us, tell us how you can bring value to our readers and how you can help this community of learners and decision makers become stronger using your experience and knowledge.

What we expect

We want Marketing Plan Success to represent meaningful views and inspire thoughtful discussions. If you have something you want to share with our readers, let us know!

You can send story pitches to use directly via email. When submitting story ideas, please include your writing samples or links to your work (if any). If you want to send a story pitch, please include a summary of what you’ve decided to cover. We publish posts which are typically 1000 words long.

We’re looking for smart, error-free, insightful pieces that encourage, inform, entertain and motivate our readers. The magazine is all about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and online businesses. We strongly recommend reading several recent pieces on our website. It will help you get an idea of what we are looking for.

Things to remember

Every week, we get submissions from different individuals and companies. We only publish the best pieces and we want you to be among them. Here are a few things to remember.

  • We appreciate your efforts to educate beginners, but do not cover the basic information everyone is already aware of. We appreciate deeply researched well-written articles.
  • Instead of writing what everyone is writing about, focus on finding new angles to represent fresh ideas and encourage thoughtful discussions.
  • Start with the best lines you can write in an article. The first paragraph of your article determines if the reader will continue reading your blog or not; so make it attractive.
  • Ask yourself why would they care about reading your post? Focus on making your blog post the most engaging piece they would be reading.
  • Don’t decorate your blog posts with flowery words. Keep it simple and easy-to-read. Don’t use difficult words when you can use simple, more common words to express your thoughts.
  • Write how you speak to others. You are not submitting a research paper. It should be engaging, entertaining and it should speak to the readers.
  • Spread positive thoughts. Don’t make your blog post dull or full of negative or depressing thoughts. It’s absolutely fine to express emotions, but remember that there’s always a way to keep things positive while being realistic and unbiased.
  • Don’t disrespect, defame or favor any person, company, product or service. Expressing your personal opinions are acceptable, but this website is not a place to express your anger or frustration about something you don’t like.
  • Any kind of advertisement or promotion is not allowed in any way.


  • Add more strength to your website SEO as we will help you put relevant links. Remember that links are subject to review and editorial team reserves the right to edit or remove web links.

Build authority and gain credibility by helping our readers learn and know new things. Help them find the solutions and answers they have been looking for and become their trustworthy source of information.

If you agree with the write for us guidelines above, Please contact us for the possibilities.