14 Online Businesses Ideas You Can Start Immediately

Online BusinessWhen you imagine opening your own business, you might picture your typical brick-and-mortar business in a commercial space. Times have changed drastically, it no longer has to be this way. With today’s technological advances, you can run an online business, many times with little to no startup costs. By concentrating on your entrepreneurial strengths, you should be able to put your ideas together and get your online-based business started in no time. Here are 20 great opportunities you could start tomorrow.

SEO Consulting

A search engine optimization consultant reviews web sites, along with their incoming links, to guide business owners to increase organic traffic and search rankings. Could this be a good fit for you? Do you understand the whole picture of search engines and the working knowledge of platforms like Google Analytics? Small business owners don’t always realize the enormous impact SEO would have on their business. Educating these business owners on the wonders of search engine optimization to help them to build their sites into a more SEO-friendly pages can be very lucrative. Showcase your skills by teaching business owners how to read and apply their analytics, the use of proper keywords and structure content in such a way to drive traffic.

Online Course Instructor

Do you have knowledge that people are searching for? When you think about it, everyone has their own special talent and is an expert in something. Teaching online courses is simple once everything is up and running. It’s just a matter of choosing which skills are in demand that are in line with your expertise.

It will require quite a bit of work in the beginning. You must design a website, curate the content for your coursework, and make sure your website is SEO-friendly. If you are willing to put a little skin in the game, you will be able to come up with an informational product that customers will readily purchase.To achieve success, you must learn how topresent your knowledge in such a way that helps people pick up on the skills they are wanting to learn.

Online Business Coach

If you are one of those people that has a large amount of business experience and first-hand knowledge, starting a business that helps entrepreneurs get a successful start can be quite rewarding. The demand for online business coaches has steadily increased.You will be applying your business skills to help new business owners get off the ground and assist experienced owners with staying competitive. Implementing strategies based on personal success and failures will help guide entrepreneurs in the right direction.

Day Trading

If the stock market is your specialty, you could really profit from starting a day trading operation. If you like working primarily on your own, this is a great option to pursue.

In layman’s terms, day trading is the act of buying and selling stock during the same day, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. The idea is to pull a profit from the financial market. Prosperous day traders do not dwell on investing since they are making their profits on the ever-fluctuating stock market. If you’re willing to invest the time it takes to hone the skills, your business will flourish.

While this is not for everyone, and day trading may be difficult to master in the beginning, the rewards can be quite fruitful. There are a number of online courses to help you acquire the proper skill set. There are also several software options available that make it easier to handle the day-to-day operations.

Arts & Crafts/ Handmade Items

Nothing sounds more appealing than to be able to do what you love while making a profit. Putting your creative talents to work could turn out to be a real moneymaker.There’s a market for everything, especially specialized items.This could be anything from hand carved furniture to organic dog treats. By creating an e-commerce store for your items, you can reach those consumers who turn to the internet in search of specific products. A reliable web-hosting service that features an integrated shopping cart feature or e-commerce platform is all you need to be up and running. Some people choose to showcase their items on sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon, which are excellent options as well.

Social Media Consultant

Smaller businesses typically handle their own social media accounts. There are times when this can become quite overwhelming for busy business owners. Many don’t have the time needed to learn the various platforms and then plan a strategy for each.This is where the need for professional help comes in. As a social media consultant, you will work with them and come up with the best tactics to get optimal exposure. The more traditional businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of being digitally engaged. Fortunately for social media consultants, many are not familiar with these platforms and unable to successfully implement them.

Web Designer

A poorly designed website can kill an online business. In fact, many companies won’t even attempt it, making web design one of the fastest growing careers today.  If you are well-versed in HTML and have a keen eye for design, you should consider going into business for yourself. Business owners are always in search of designers who can take their companies to the next level. Basically, all you need is a great site that showcases your talents and an impressive portfolio to start reaching out to prospective clients.

Resume Writing Service

Many applicants seek out the services of a professional resume writer when trying to land to their dream job. Let’s face it, a cover letter and resume that stands out among the rest is imperative when you’re applying for a job. It may seem simple to list career accomplishments, but crafting a compelling piece that catches the reader’s attention can be trickier. Testimonials and word of mouth will be your best advertisement. Help others to find work by getting them hired with outstanding resumes and they will surely recommend you to others. Branding yourself on social media and LinkedIn will build up clientele as well.

Virtual Assistant

Do you have exceptional administrative skills? Do you have a quick and accurate typing speed? Are you good with people? Consider putting these skills to use as a virtual assistant or task manager. There are several trusted freelance sites that offer a place for clients and assistants to find each other. They even handle the pesky details like payments, refunds and arbitration’s, all for a small percentage of your earnings. These are great places to get started and make a name for yourself.

Technical Support Operator

There are numerous large corporations that hire online technical support operators that work remotely. Many hire on a contractual term, allowing you to work when you want. This makes it possible to have more than one client if you choose.

Small businesses who do not have a full-time IT employee may seek your services on an as-needed basis. Building a strong resume and LinkedIn profile will help tremendously when trying to land your first clients.


The list of bloggers who have turned their words into major profits just continues to grow.  If you enjoy any type of writing, you’ve probably considered starting a blog a time or two. Having the freedom to express yourself and design your platform any way you wishes very attractive to creative individuals.Your blog expresses your personality with the ability to reach millions of like-minded people around the world. Once you begin to build your audience, the more likely you will build a successful business out of it. There are many ways to earn from a blog, including affiliate marketing.

E-Book Author

The number of book writers is constantly growing, making it harder than ever to get published. The good news is, e-book readers are on the rise. If you are a talented writer, it is fairly easy to get self-published as an e-book writer. Many up-and-coming writers are making a name for themselves on the digital market. Getting your personal brand name or channel recognized will make earning money easy and straight-forward.

App Developer

These days, just about everyone uses mobile applications on a regular basis. People are always looking for the latest apps to make their lives easier, and willing to pay good money for them. If you’re technologically inclined, familiar with coding and have a great idea,creating your own app isn’t out of the question. Even if you have the next big idea, but don’t know where to start, there are software developers who are always looking for people to collaborate with on new apps.

Wedding Planner

The wedding industry has always been a hot market. Planning a wedding is the most stressful event one can tackle. All the stress can take a toll on the bride-to-be, making it nearly impossible for her to enjoy the wedding planning festivities. This is why so many turn the reigns over to professional wedding planners and bridal consultants. If you have a feel for organization, creative ideas and a love for weddings, you could make a wonderful wedding planner.You will be handling the worrisome wedding details,saving the bride a lot of unnecessary stress.

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